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My Meetings this week

  • Monday, Broadview, 5.30pm
  • Monday, Broadview, 7pm
  • Wednesday, St Agnes, 9am
  • Wednesday, Wynn Vale, 5.30pm
  • Friday Myer Centre 9am-2pm
  • Saturday, St Agnes, 8.30am
  • Saturday, St Agnes, 10am

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Who's the biggest loser baby??

MEEEEEE!! I had a fantastic WI this morning, (at a different meeting, different scales and all that!) But I lost, are you sitting down?? 1.3kgs!!! Total lost is now 57kgs and I have 1.6kg to get to goal! YAY me!!

Meetings are going really well, and I love doing them!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

The results are in!

I made it.. I'm a leader! I'm sooooooooo excited!

I'm doing 2 meetings back to back in the city tomorrow (11.30am and 1pm) but these won't be my regular meetings.

My regular meetings are at Para Hills Tuesday 12.30 & St Agnes 9am Saturday mornings. Also next week I'll be doing a meeting for another leader at Gawler on Wednesday morning and Lockleys on Thursday morning.. so it's all happening! If you happen to pop into one of my meetings make sure you come and say hello.. I won't bite.. promise!

I'm not sure if I mentioned or not a couple of weeks ago that I've started Belly Dancing!! I go with a friend and we have a ball! It's great fun!

Weight wize is looking good with another 0.3kg loss this week.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Heat Wave!

It has been soooo hot here in Adelaide, we've not seen these temps in over 70 years apparently. 6 days over 40°c and the top was last Wednesday at 45.6°c Urgh! Needless to say there has not been much activity in the last week! I'm also still not 100% but finished taking antibiotics last night and feel HEAPS better than what I did. The result of little activity and antibiotics showed a gain of 0.6kg this week, which is so much better than the over 1kg gain that happened last time I took anti biotics, so all in all a positive out come today :).
My first leader assessment has been deferred til Friday lunchtime at the city meeting, so'm very excited and nervous about that and now that I can talk without coughing and spluttering it should be great!
I should be able to post Friday night to let you know how I go!