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  • Monday, Broadview, 5.30pm
  • Monday, Broadview, 7pm
  • Wednesday, St Agnes, 9am
  • Wednesday, Wynn Vale, 5.30pm
  • Friday Myer Centre 9am-2pm
  • Saturday, St Agnes, 8.30am
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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

45kgs gone!!!

I just want to shout it from the rooftops!!! I lost 1.1kgs this week, bringing my total to 45kgs. I'm in shock! I have no words, but I'm very, very happy!! :) I'll come back later when I can think clearer!! ♥

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

What has changed since I started WW?

Well apart from the obvious!

- I can cut and paint my toenails and put on my shoes and socks without having to hold my breath.
- I can fit down a slippery dip.
- I can walk for hours if I need to, I used to have to have rests all the time.
- I get up at 6am most days to go for a daily fast paced walk, I used to avoid exercise
- I can get up off the floor easily, I was never able to before.
- I'm not the biggest person in a crowd anymore, I always felt like i was before.
- I can sit comfortably in a chair with armrests without having to squish in.
- I look for ways to get extra excercise, I used to always look for the "easiest" way to do things.
- I don't eat mindlessly when I'm bored, happy, sad, angry...
- I enjoy helping and motovating others.
- I can see bones in my wrists, hands, collarbones.
- I have to get all my rings resized, they're all to big!
- I have new clothes, all the old ones are too big!
- I get compliments constantly, I never used to.
- I can shop in "normal" sized shops, I used to have to shop in plus size shops.
- I can say "no thanks" to chips and chocolate, I was never able to resist before.
- I don't look for the closest car parks.
- I wear make up more often.
- I like myself.
- I have more confidence.
- I smile alot more.
- I am proud of myself.

A great loss this week -0.8kgs. :)

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Heading into NEW territory..

Some of you may remember this post about me buying size 12 jeans on special for $5 back in August? The plan was to be able to wear them on Christmas day. Well guess what peoples? I'm wearing them today with NO flabby overhangy bits! I'm also wearing a size 14 top today that I bought on our shopping expo yesterday to Harbourtown. Last time we went I didn't find anything that fit!! This time? So many bargains! I'm a very happy girl today!

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Breaking the trend and new pics!

The last few weighins have gone something like good loss, gain, same, good loss so I was kind of expecting a gain or a same, but I lost 0.3kg, so I'm really pleased about that! I'm still walking at least 6 days a week. I was wanting to try to do the c25k but my poor "old" knees won't let me, so I will stick to walking.

Do you know what I have found the hardest since starting WW? Learning to take compliments. I've never really had many compliments before and I always used to brush them off. I've since learned that all I have to do is say thank you! :)

I was asked at this weeks meeting how I stay motivated for so long. Tbh I think the first few weeks are the hardest, when you aren't seeing or feeling the results, but once you have lost about 7 or 8 kilos you really do start to motivate yourself. You have lost a dress size, you start looking different and you start to believe that you can do this - AND YOU CAN! I have never missed a meeting - NEVER. Even when I go away (usually to visit mum and dad in NSW) I always make sure I go to the meeting. Keeping a blog helps me stay motivated to, it's different to just keeping a diary as I'm accountable to everyone who reads it not just me. I have never kept my attempt to lose weight a secret. EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE that I know, knows that I'm doing WW. Even my butcher knows and asks me each week how I've gone. I log in daily to the WW Website to see how everyone is going and to post about my celebrations and breakthoughs, but not only that... Motivating others and patting them on the back gives me a great feeling! All these things help keep me accountable. I can't wait for Christmas when I get to see all my family and friends agian in NSW. I love the shock factor each time they see me, as it's more dramatic because they only see me a couple of times a year.

Some updated pics for you.. you can check out all the pics here. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Well that's more like it!

I lost 1.1kg this week. Thank goodness as I was just getting ready to throw in the towel! NOT! lol sorry! You don't really think I'd quit now do you? I know I can do this and I will. I am confident that it is only a matter of time before I get to goal! I'm confident that I will be able to maintain my weight with the help of core.

I have realised over all this time that Weight Watchers is all about choice.

  • You can choose to do it or you can choose not to. I chose to do it.
  • You can choose to "kinda" do it, or you can choose to not kid yourself and do it properly. I choose to do it properly.
  • You can choose to make excuses, or you can choose not to. I choose not to make excuses.
  • You can choose which plan you want to do. First I chose points, now I choose CORE.
  • You don't just fall off the wagon, you choose to hop off. (Oh yes you do! No one force feeds you at night with a drip) I choose not to fall off.

So now tell me... What do you choose?

Friday, 2 November 2007

And so it begins

The comments.. everyone has an opinion don't they?
"Oh don't lose too much more, you look good now"
"Careful you don't become anorexic" - yeah like THAT'S going to happen!
Don't get me wrong I'm really liking the way I look, and the changes that I have made, but I'm still obese! Not just overweight, obese! I really want to get to the healthy weight range for my height (which is my goal weight) I'm confident that I will, I mean I've managed to stay on track for almost 14 months, it's not always difficult.

I have treats when I have allowed for them. I've very picky on what I choose to use my allowance points on. I don't have to have something "because it's there" Some of you would cringe if you saw what was in my fridge, pantry and freezer. There is ALWAYS chocolate frogs, or some kind of chocolate in our fridge, Brad likes to give it to Daniel as a treat (a packet of chocolate frogs lasts for months!!). I haven't had actual chocolate (except 1 ww choc crisp bar the cookies and cream flavour and only then because I wanted to taste it) since well before Easter. The pantry has an assortment of WW Choc Crisp bars (Brad likes them), nuts (again for Brad), biscuits and little packets of shapes for Daniel. I've had a packet of marshmallows open for over a month, that I have 1 or 2 of occasionally. The freezer usually has an assortment of cakes (we have a client who has a bakery and likes to send Brad home with lots of yummy treats, including croissants and Danish pastries) .

I love the saying if you "kinda" follow the plan, you will "kinda" lose weight, because I don't want to "kinda" lose weight. I want to lose it for ever, so if that means I need to be strong and not have all these naughty foods that lurk in my house, it's what I have to do. I always have plenty of fruit and yogurt on hand so there is never an excuse, I can't say but there was nothing else to have, because there ALWAYS is, I make sure of that!

Thursday, 1 November 2007


I stayed the same at WI yesterday. Very frustrating, but I know I have lost cms as I need to buy a belt to keep my jeans up (I don't want to have to buy a smaller pair of long jeans, because eventually it is going to get and stay hot isn't it?) So I'll keep plodding along and really make an effort to "mix up" food and exercise and drink my water this week. Stay tuned...