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  • Monday, Broadview, 7pm
  • Wednesday, St Agnes, 9am
  • Wednesday, Wynn Vale, 5.30pm
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Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Great week

Weigh in this week was fantastic, (-1.2kgs) I am below 90kgs for the first time in about 15 years and I feel fantastic.
At first when I weighed, the weigher said I'd lost 0.2 and I was bummed, I did everything right and tried so hard but then I looked (and confirmed) the weight recorded was 88.8kgs so I actually had a loss of 1.2kgs!
Who would have thought 40 weeks ago that I'd be over 30kgs lighter, certainly not me, after all I was told medically (due to PCOS) I would always find it difficult to lose weight!! I'm so proud of myself!! :)

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Back to normal

We arrived home last night and went back to my normal Weight Watchers meeting today. I lost 0.4kgs this week which is great as I didn't have total control of all my meals, and I did very little exercise, although we were non stop for the whole week! I was a touch disappointed though as I was hoping to get under 90kgs, but the scales stopped dead on 90kgs! lol. Oh well, next week!

A really, really busy week!!

Well Daniel and I are home! And we had really busy week.

Tuesday Fly Adelaide-Sydney-Griffith
-Left Adelaide, met up with some friends and their kids at Sydney Airport. I resisted Krispy Kreme doughnuts!!
-Arrive at mum’s late night for both of us!

Wednesday- My Nephew’s 3rd birthday
-1st thing, visit my grandmother in the nursing home.
-Weight watcher’s meeting. lost 1.1kgs total so far of 30.2kg and over 1/2 way to goal!!
-Play cafĂ© birthday party for my nephew Jordan, Daniel had a ball! Got invited to my cousin’s daughter’s 2nd birthday - Friday. Got to cuddle my 6 month old nephew who I haven’t seen since Christmas. I didn't have any naughty food!!
-Call into my old work say hi to everyone, pop into see my gf (bridesmaid) at her shop, (she owns a florist)
-Coffee and cake for my nephew after dinner. I had a fruit tea and didn't eat any of the naughty foods on offer, even my favourite spinach cob dip! Late night.

-1st thing, visit my grandmother in the nursing home.
-Pop in to see a friend I used to work with at his shop (jeweller’s)
-Go to see my maid of honour (Sonia) and her 2yo twins for lunch and afternoon play.
-Go shopping for other birthday presents and new baby present. Earlyish night.

-1st thing, visit my grandmother in the nursing home.
-Was supposed to be my morning off but my brother ended up with gastro, so I decided not to stay home and spent the morning solving computer issues at dad’s work.
-My cousin’s daughter's 2nd birthday party.
-Out for dinner with mum and dad some guys that dad goes fishing with (and some friends of theirs) for a “fish” night at the Chinese restaurant. Dad and a few of the others supplied the fish and the chef cooked it “Chinese style” 8 different dishes. I tried them all but only had a tiny bit of each. It was beautiful! Late night.

-1st thing, visit my grandmother in the nursing home.
-Visit my ex boss, his wife, son and daughter inlaw who have just had a new baby. Again I declined the naughty food.
- Go out to Sonia’s again to see everyone again (plus Sonia’s dh and daughter- who was at school when we there on Thursday), stayed for dinner, late night.

-1st thing, visit my grandmother in the nursing home. She’s not well today :(
-Go with mum at to the Sunday fruit and vege markets, got to see heaps of people who I wouldn’t have caught up with otherwise, which was great.
-Go out to see another cousin, who’s son turns 1 next Thursday, drop off a present.
-Go to watch my brother’s team (he coaches) play soccer. –walking distance from mum’s end up taking Daniel and Jordan to park and then back to mum’s –Jordan stays all afternoon. Early night, Daniel is stuffed by this stage.

-1st thing, visit my grandmother in the nursing home. Still not well, but looks marginally better than the day before.
-Morning tea with another friend I used to work with and got to see Sonia and the twins again! Still no naughty food :) :)
-That afternoon another friend popped over to say hi.
-Pack to go home.

Tuesday Griffith-Sydney-Adelaide
-1st thing, visit my grandmother in the nursing home. She’s feeling better today and so is mum. :)
-Pop in to say goodbye to dad.
-Go to the airport.
-Resisted the Krispy Kremes again :)

I had an ok week food-wise mostly core, but sometimes were unavoidable and not core, but I just counted as best as I could out of my weekly allowance. I didn't do much exercise while I was away, so I will be concentrating more on that this week!

30 kgs and over 1/2 way!!

We arrived on the plane the night before and then went to mum's meeting at 9am. I had a great loss 1.1kgs even after feeling a bit fluidy the day before on the plane. So far I have lost a grand total of 30.2kgsand I'm over 1/2 way to goal!!! Can you believe it? I think it is amazing!

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Ooops I forgot to update!

Oops! A little loss this week 0.1kg but I am now in the size16 jeans I bought a few weeks ago, with no flabby overhanging bits, so that's a good thing!! I wore them to the restaurant last night and Joy (another customer we have gotten to know cos she's there every week) commented on my weight loss, she said that I have more "shape" now and my legs and bum are looking great! lol!!

I gave blood this week and in the interview the nurse says, "oh you've lost 10kilos since you were here last" And I said "yes I know, I've been doing Weight Watchers and I've actually lost almost 30 kilos" so then she takes my bp and it is "perfect" (her words) 118/73 and then she tested my haemoglobin (iron) and it is "perfect" too at 140. (she said usually when people lose weight their haemoglobin suffers, and was surprised mine has remained so good). She said as far as she could tell, I'm very healthy and to keep doing what I'm doing!

It made me feel so good! I am doing this the right way and I am healthy, my skin is great and I feel fantastic!

Tuesday Daniel and I leave to go to see mum and dad for a week! I can't wait!!! I'll still weigh as usual on Wednesday, but at mum's meeting!

Monday, 4 June 2007

I thought it's time..

For some updated pics!

Loss to date, 29kgs.

"Operation Scarf" has also been upgraded to include hats ( well ok 1 hat and in the process of the next one)