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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

A nice big surprise!

A loss this week of 1.4kgs bringing my total loss to 29kgs in 35 weeks! (-5.5kg in 6 weeks on CORE) I really wasn't expecting it as I'm not feeling the best, sore throat, tight chest and basically feeling miserable! I have however been sticking to the plan and doing bits of walking here and there so even though I'm not feeling the best I've still had a great week!

I can't rave about CORE enough, no counting, just eating good, healthy, wholesome food. It's not boring, and definitely how I see us eating long term. I was so scared of switching in the beginning, I guess it's because we don't like change, but I'm so glad I bit the bullet and I feel that it is really working for me. Brad is still happy doing points and is losing steadily almost -10 kilos for him.

"Operation scarf" is still happening and I'm on my 3rd (after almost finishing it yesterday and unraveling it all to make it a bit wider) I'm really enjoying watching tv and knitting of an evenings, maybe I should try a beenie next, to match my scarves to keep my ears warm while I go for my walks in winter!! :)

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

I've had a revelation

This week I've had a revelation. You see everyone talks about Weight Watchers being a journey, and to me, it's not. Journeys end when you get to your destination. For me Weight Watchers is a lifestyle. I am almost 1/2 way to my goal, but in no way will that be the end. That will be the beginning of another phase of my life.
I can see goal, it's just around the corner really (yeah ok it's a BIG corner, lol) I can't quite touch it yet, but I know I will get there, I can taste the little successes every week which keep driving me further. Every week I get just a little bit closer.
This weeks loss 0.8kg. With only 2 more weigh ins before Daniel and I fly "home" to visit mum and dad I'm really hoping to hit my next small goal of 30kgs lost before I get there. If I don't it won't be the end of the world, but it will be great if I can!

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Not as bad as I thought!

I was kind of expecting a small gain this week so it was a welcomed surprise to see a drop of 0.4kg goes to show you can have your (pan) cake and eat it too ;) lol.
I have been walking heaps and even surprise myself at how fast I walk now. The same routes that used to take me an hour, when I first started, now take only 4o minutes. I no longer look for the quickest and easiest option and easily tackle the hills around the area. I've started jogging every now and then (when I think no one is looking, so they can't see my wobbly bits!)
Tonight I have Brad's family over for dinner, we take turns every fortnight, and I'm cooking a core friendly meatloaf. I'll post the recipe in my favourite recipes if it is as yummy as I think it should be! For desert we'll have mini meringue cases with chocolate mousse, or light frusche and for those who want it, ice cream. (not core but only 1 point for dessert, 1/2point for the meringue and 1/2point for the 1/2 container of Nestle` mousse, which I'll take from my Weekly points allowance)

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Happy 5th Anniversary to us.

Friday was Brad and mine (mine and Brad's?? Meh, who knows!) 5th Anniversary. We had a great day. Went out for lunch "child free" which was lovely, we both had cold rolls. Then we picked up Daniel from Grandmas and had a great afternoon playing with him. At night was our usual Friday night smorgasboard dinner at "our" restaurant. Ah but our anniversary didn't stop there, Saturday night Brad's mum watched Daniel so we were able to have another "child free" meal!! We went to Cafe Primo and then to the movies. I had the chef's salad which was divine with smoked salmon, prawns and chicken, and for dessert I had some pancake but passed on the cream. We watched Wild Hogs. The movie was great, very funny!

Today is Mother's Day so it has been a big week, celebration wise. I have Brad's mum coming for dinner tonight and I'm cooking Chicken with dijon mustard wrapped in WW bacon with roast veges (Thanks for the recipe Toni!!)

I've been for a few long walks this week, so I'm not really sure how the scales will react on Wednesday. I'm not expecting too much. I'll be happy to stay the same :)

Great news also for mum getting to her 10%!! Well done mum!!

I've also started knitting of an evening which in theory keeps my hands active, so I'm not looking for things to pick at! It's a theory, and what's the worst that can happen, I get a few great hand knitted scarves?? :)

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Another one bites the dust

Kilo that is.. My loss for this week is -1.0kg. Yay me!

Last week I was feeling hungry between meals which lead me to believe that I wasn't eating enough at mealtimes and although I was only snacking on core foods I was not felling at all satisfied. So this week I upped my portion sizes slightly and it worked, I was not feeling hungry between meals much at all (well not compared to the week before) so there for not feeling the need to snack as much.

I seem to be craving pears at the moment, which is a tad bizarre as I've never really liked them very much, but considering that we are heading into winter and there isn't many fruits in season, it's not such a bad thing!

We've also found a great new playground which is a good 20 minute walk from our house and it's excellent. Daniel is very impressed, what more can a 2 year old ask for, eh?

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

A little loss

I'm a bit disappointed about this weeks loss 0.1kg, yeah, yeah, I know a loss is a loss, but it is still disappointing when you know you've done everything right and it doesn't show on the scales. I could make excuses that I weighed on different scales, at a different place last week (which I did) but it still doesn't make me feel better. Onwards and upwards though, will try a few different things this week and see how we go. :)