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Friday, 23 May 2008

Just a couple of pics!

The scarf I am knitting at the moment!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Excuses.. excuses!

It's time to stop making excuses! You know the ones? I make them too.

I'm too tired, it's too hot or cold, it's raining, I haven't got time.

We have to stop making excuses and just do what we have to do to achieve our goals. Whether is the excuse you use not to exercise, not to drink your water or to have that piece of cake that you haven't allowed for.. we have to stop making them, they are what is holding us back from getting us where we want to be.

So stop making excuses and "just do it!"

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Thank goodness!!

I've lost it!

No, no don't laugh! I lost what I had gained over the last 2 weeks. What did I do differently? I tracked everything (on WW etools) to take in to show my leader what I had been doing as I couldn't see for myself what I was doing that was causing me to gain. (I usually only track what's not core). So I tracked everything that passed my lips this week I lost 1kg. I'm not sure if it's because I was tracking that it was making me focus more on what I was doing or what, but I will be tracking again this week! We ate out a fair bit last week too (with our anniversary and Mother's Day) but I am confident that I make sensible choices while out.

Friday night we went out for dinner as usual, we go out for dinner every Friday night (and have done since before I started WW) to a buffet style "all you can eat" restaurant. For me it's not about getting my money's worth, it's more about going out as a family, it's "the" thing we do on Friday night. I know I will be there every week, so if there is something I REALLY want to have that isn't core I will wait a week and if I still want it the week after I will have it. I had hot chips this week. 4 of them! I allowed for them I knew I'd have enough points to spare this week, so I had them. I usually have 1 thing that is totally not core and allow for it like salt and pepper squid or a chicken satay stick. (the squid I have 3 or 4 pieces.. the satay I have with minimal sauce and I pick a small one, because I'm really just after the taste.) I do have chinese and steamed vegies, and salad and seafood, I certainly don't sit there and starve!

Saturday night Brad and I went into town for sushi. I started with a miso soup and then we had a sushi boat of assorted sushi. I allowed a point for the non core portion of the boat, ie avocado and mayo and we both had a wonderful evening!

Sunday was our anniversary and Mother's Day so the rule was, NO COOKING!! We went to the food court of the local Westfield for lunch (I had a "weight watcher's" potato) and for dinner, we had Noodlebox I asked for them to be cooked with no oil and to only use oyster sauce (both meals totally core)!

I was presented with my certificate for my 50kg loss this week. It still amazes me that I have lost a whole person and I really can't imagine walking around now with an extra 50 kilos! Just imagine though how much weight I could have gained in 18 months had I not started WW. *shudder* I'd easily be tipping the scales at 130-140kgs I'd imagine. Not a good look on someone who is only 157cms tall!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Focus on the positives

It's sometimes REALLY hard to focus on the positives especially this week as this is my second gain in 2 weeks (only 0.1 but it is still a gain!) and I'm not sure I can put my finger on why. It certainly won't make me quit but it is disheartening, but as disheartening as it is I know I will keep going, simply because I can't go back to what I was, I DON'T WANT TO! It's time to focus on the positives!

*I used to be tired all the time, now I have HEAPS of energy!
*I used to be a size 24-26, now I'm a 10-12!
*I didn't care what I looked like, now I make sure I have some makeup on, and dressed nicely before I leave the house!
*I used to think people were staring because I was so big, now I don't think they do because I look "normal"!
*I used to buy a chocolate bar EVERY time I did groceries to eat on the way home, I can't remember the last time I bought a chocolate bar from a supermarket!
*I used to have to have the car seat back and my stomach would still be hitting the steering wheel, now I've got the seat forward and my stomach is no where near hitting the steering wheel!
*I used to feel old, unattractive and embarrassed by the way I looked, now I feel younger and more attractive and I'm not embarrassed anymore!
*I used to have to buy clothes because they fit, now I buy them because they look good!
*I never had much confidence, now I stand up myself!

I will be diligently tracking everything this week (not just non core food -what I usually do) to see what happens next week!

Sometimes I feel like I've been doing WW forever.. and something I realized this week is that I WILL be doing WW forever, it's not something I can say right I'm at goal now, I'm cured, everything will magically fall into place and I will never be overweight again.. It's not going to happen that way, I will have to be diligent forever to maintain my weight.

Some words of wisdom I gave to a member recently was "The weight didn't go on overnight, I shouldn't expect it to come off overnight either!" I really need to start listening and taking my own advice!

It is our 6th wedding anniversary on Sunday (which is also Mother's Day) We're having a DFN (Daniel free night) and going out for sushi on Saturday night.