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My Meetings this week

  • Monday, Broadview, 5.30pm
  • Monday, Broadview, 7pm
  • Wednesday, St Agnes, 9am
  • Wednesday, Wynn Vale, 5.30pm
  • Friday Myer Centre 9am-2pm
  • Saturday, St Agnes, 8.30am
  • Saturday, St Agnes, 10am

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Thursday, 15 October 2009

So many things to tell you

Firstly thankyou to all of you who have contacted me, yes, I'm still alive just really busy lately, but I hope that I settle down a bit soon. I am now doing 4 meetings a week, was doing 5, so that gives me a whole other day I have no meetings to do "stuff". I still love doing meetings and LOVE my members! You guys rock!

I put myself on maintenence over winter so I am still not quite at goal, but my goal is to be there by Christmas, there I've said it and it's in print and published even!

We went "home" a few weeks ago for my cousin's wedding so I will attach some pics for you!

Ready to hit the town! Well ok, I did have 2 small champagnes! :)

At the reception.

Daniel turned 5 September, which really deserves a post all on it's own AND has started big boy school.. I think I should do a separate post later. TFL

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Soo Busy!

I've been really busy doing subs and taking on extra meetings of late, so I've had little time to do much at all other than work! LUCKILY I love it! I have the best job in the world and I'm blessed to have really lovely members!
Goal wise, everything is moving in the right direction for me again, 1.7kg to go!

Monday, 20 April 2009

Daniel and I

It's been a while since I posted a pic, so here's one of Daniel and I taken on his Kindy Camp..

Saturday, 18 April 2009


This is crazy! I lost 1kg over Easter.. I made Hot Cross Buns (recipe on my blog) and I had chocolate, but I also did a bit of exercise and saved some points too! (and in fairness I had gained the 2 weeks prior so I'm probably just playing a bit of "catch up" atm.

I've been getting lots of wonderful people emailling me and it's fantastic! I do need to applogise though, there was a couple of emails this week that were deleted from my junk box before I had a chance to reply to them, so if it was you I'm sorry!

I'm doing a couple of subs this week and there will a few more over the next coming weeks.. so watch this space, I could be coming to a suburb near you!

Also some excitement for me personally.. size 8 Target black pants.. do I need to say more??

Until next time... keep smiling!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Time Flies!

I'm so sorry everyone, I have neglected my blog a tad of late! Let me try to fill you in on the last few weeks.

  • Sadly as you know I lost my Nonna and then subsequently had to go home for the funeral a few weeks ago.
  • Mum has had her op and recovering every day she still has a couple of weeks of no driving then the Dr will assess her to see if she can drive again.
  • I have gained a little over 2 kilos but it's it should all be good this week, if I can resist the chocolate and hot crossed buns!
  • I have taken over the Thursday morning (10 am) Lockleys meeting permanently.
  • I have trained to do 1 on 1 consultations at the Myer / Weight Watchers Lifestyle Centres.
  • I've done my first shift and I'm working there again this week on Friday afternoon, pop by and say hi :). It's great fun and quite different to meetings.
  • The stress of the past few weeks seem to have caught up with me, firstly getting my first coldsore in about 10 years and now thanks to Daniel (he just loves to share), conjunctivitis, but I'm starting to look normal again now, so it's all good!
  • I've finally finished painting Daniel's new room and we'll move him in over this weekend.

So that's me in a nutshell. Happy Easter everyone, please drive safely, and I promise I will update more regularly now that I'm back to "normal", whatever that is!

Monday, 16 March 2009


My beautiful nonna passed away this afternoon, she was 87 and has been very ill, the past few weeks in particular. I'll be travelling home once we find out when the funeral is.

Riposa in pace Nonna, ti amo per sempre.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Ups and downs

I haven't been sleeping well, there are heaps of things going on at the moment that are playing on my mind the 3 that concern me the most are, my nonna isn't well, I feel that she won't be with us for very long, my uncle's cancer isn't responding to the chemo, so they are going to try him on another, and mum is going to Sydney for an operation next week for a triple prolapse.

I really had no idea what the scales would say today but I was thrilled to see that I lost another 0.3kg. I have 1.3kgs until goal. But even more exciting is that I have lost 4 weeks in a row.. I'm on a roll!

Last week I had so many comment from people I see all the time about my WL. One older gent I see most weeks at the restaurant that we go to each week, said "You know Sharon, you are almost not here!" LOL

Something fantastic happened at the meeting this morning.. we were celebrating losses, as we do, and we had 2 fabulous people lose 0.1kg. Now "usually" when there is a loss of 0.1kg people don't usually celebrate and don't even really mention it but instead of using the ONLY word (ie. only 0.1kg).. they both used "another" so they lost "another" 0.1kg! How fabulous is that! I love the positivity! All the little losses add up, you can't expect to lose a kilo every week. EVERY minus no matter how big or small counts!

Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Who's the biggest loser baby??

MEEEEEE!! I had a fantastic WI this morning, (at a different meeting, different scales and all that!) But I lost, are you sitting down?? 1.3kgs!!! Total lost is now 57kgs and I have 1.6kg to get to goal! YAY me!!

Meetings are going really well, and I love doing them!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

The results are in!

I made it.. I'm a leader! I'm sooooooooo excited!

I'm doing 2 meetings back to back in the city tomorrow (11.30am and 1pm) but these won't be my regular meetings.

My regular meetings are at Para Hills Tuesday 12.30 & St Agnes 9am Saturday mornings. Also next week I'll be doing a meeting for another leader at Gawler on Wednesday morning and Lockleys on Thursday morning.. so it's all happening! If you happen to pop into one of my meetings make sure you come and say hello.. I won't bite.. promise!

I'm not sure if I mentioned or not a couple of weeks ago that I've started Belly Dancing!! I go with a friend and we have a ball! It's great fun!

Weight wize is looking good with another 0.3kg loss this week.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Heat Wave!

It has been soooo hot here in Adelaide, we've not seen these temps in over 70 years apparently. 6 days over 40°c and the top was last Wednesday at 45.6°c Urgh! Needless to say there has not been much activity in the last week! I'm also still not 100% but finished taking antibiotics last night and feel HEAPS better than what I did. The result of little activity and antibiotics showed a gain of 0.6kg this week, which is so much better than the over 1kg gain that happened last time I took anti biotics, so all in all a positive out come today :).
My first leader assessment has been deferred til Friday lunchtime at the city meeting, so'm very excited and nervous about that and now that I can talk without coughing and spluttering it should be great!
I should be able to post Friday night to let you know how I go!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Thank you!

Thank you everyone who has commented and e-mailed me after the WW published my success story! It really is motivating for me to know that I help keep you inspired and motivated. Anyone can do it, you just have to want to! It's all about YOUR attitude.

You know, you only really need to follow the plan for one day? TODAY! And when tomorrow becomes today you follow it then too! And then repeat. Before you know it you have been following for a week, month, year.. Can you follow the plan for just one day?

I'm not well at the moment. I went to the Dr yesterday and I have a chest infection and now I'm on antibiotics, so who knows what will await me on the scales next week, but for this week I can celebrate a 1 kilo loss. I'm getting there slowly, whoever said the last few kilos were the hardest was right!

I was due to have my leader assessment tonight but seeing as I can't string together 5 words without coughing, I've asked for it to be postponed til next week. I would have actually preferred to have gotten it over and done with, but it can't be helped.

Tomorrow is my birthday and the plan is coffee with the girls (just coffee, no cake!)and dinner out somewhere WW friendly if I'm feeling ok (and as I'm on antibiotics there won't be any bubbles!), so it should be a great day!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

What an exciting week, lots of news!

Last Saturday I went to the WW Leader course, which was great! It was good to meet other new leaders too. So next Wednesday night I will have an assessment (I'm required to do a motivational start and finish to another leader's meeting among other things) and providing I pass that I will be given my own meeting. How exciting!

I've also started ( well I went to a trial run) of belly dancing lessons! It was sooo much fun and great exercise the class went soo quickly before we knew it an hour was done. I can't wait for the "real" classes to start.

Now the news some of you have been waiting for! Remember back in October when I went to Sydney for the photoshoot? Well the photos and story should be online from next Monday 26th January! I can't wait to see it!

It's also my birthday Thursday week so don't forget to send the flowers and gifts!! lol jk

WI this week wasn't as exciting, I gained 0.3kg, but it's not the end of the world, I feel bloated and a bit "chesty" (Daniel is sick again and he just loves to share his germs!) foodwise I have been "on track", I haven't been out for as many walks as I should though and my water has slipped a little, so I know it is only a temporary, and not a true, gain.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

What goes up.. must come down!

Well it seems like it has been forever since my last post, and it has been! Sorry everyone! As some of you may be aware we went to mum and dad's for Christmas and got back just this week. (and couldn't recover my password while I was there so no updates for you unfortunately)

We had a fabulous time and a little too much great food and alcohol, but it's all part of the season. There are heaps of little stories I have to share but it will have to wait as I seem to be a touch time poor at present. Suffice to say weighins (yes I went to weighin while was away) went like this -0.9kg first week, then +1.8kg Christmas week and +1.0kg New Years week. This week at weigh in I lost 1.8kgs so I'm still 0.1kg heavier than when we left and 1.0kg heavier than my lowest ever weight so all in all I'm pretty happy about that!

Ciao chickens!