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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Stick to it!

Don't give up!
Don't lose faith in yourself!
You can do this YOU just have to want to!

Scales are moving albiet slowly for me again. This weeks loss 0.3kgs
Renos are still happinging! From Friday to Tuesday I did 40 points worth of painting according to etools. Anyone want to earn some bonus points? lol

Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Our bodies don't do what we expect them to. This week I feel thinner, my Levi's that I bought a few weeks ago are able to be worn in public (without a muffin top), I've lost cms and yet I gained 0.1kg on the scales. I pointed core to make sure I was eating enough/not too much. I am at a loss to what to do! I'm thinking of "formally" going onto maintenence for a couple of weeks (I'm maintaining anyway so it can't hurt really? Right?) So we'll see what happens!

Things are progressing with the renos and I should be able to start painting on the weekend! Just think of all that ladder climbing and incidental exercise!!

Friday, 11 July 2008

And Again

I stayed the same again at WI. I seem to have maintenance down pat! (PITY I'M NOT AT GOAL YET!!) My leader even re-heighted me (to make sure I'm not taller! - I'm not) as this would increase my goal weight. It's times like thise I remind myself this is not a journey.. it is a lifestyle and my body doesn't always do as it's supposed to each week.
I'm pointing core again this week to make sure I'm eating enough.

I've bought some spiderman material and cushion panels to make Daniel a spiderman quilt. Spiderman still seems to be the favourite, and we're panning a spiderman 4th birthday party for Daniel.

The renos are going well with the office and 4th bedroom almost finished! I should be able to start painting next week! I've chosen a Dulux Hogs Bristle half as the main "colour" throughout. and we will have a feature wall in the lounge, office and our bedroom.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

We're creatures of habit!

Good ones or bad ones we are creatures of habit! It doesn't take long to form habits. Bad habits are often harder to break than good habits.

A theory that I have been contemplating too has to do with chaos. I was looking back over my WW passport and I've noticed that I've lost 4kgs since February (yeah I know it's OK but it's not great!) - February is when we started renovating. I wonder how much chaos in our lives translates to chaos on the scales. I'm really over the dust, mud and mess everywhere. I just want to be painting, because to me, that translates to "almost done", and then we can return to some sence of normality. I didn't manually track my 21 points this week, but I stuck to my 3 points per day use them or lose them rule, I notice that I seem to be craving sweet rather than savory, which for me is not a good thing! This week I will manually track and make sure I drink my water.. even on the weekend!

Weigh in this morning I stayed the same.