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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The plateau

So operation plateau breaker didn't work! It's time for drastic measures!

Week 3 and I'm maintaining nicely, too bad I'm not trying to! Not so much as a 100 grams off at WI this morning. I am currently smack bang in the middle of a dreaded plateau. It is soooooo frustrating!

In the last 2 weeks I have
*changed my exercise, exercised some mornings, some nights some none and some twice, walking sometimes, jogging sometimes, some skipping and some jumping on the trampoline.
*drank a small swimming pool everyday, (at least 3 L)
*had mostly carbs at lunch (except sometimes potato or corn with dinner) and not every day*cut out all alcohol (I haven't had any since Christmas)
*last week NO sugar point at all except choc powder on top of skim cappucino

The only thing I haven't done, and tbh I'm dreading to do is swap to points, but I really don't see that I have much choice. :(. It will be hard so after over 10 months on core. I'll be down to 18 points (last time I did points I was on 24!) I will update during the week!

Thursday, 21 February 2008

And again...

Rather frustrating to say the least, but I stayed the same again at WI, looks like I have a plateau happening at the moment, so this week it will be operation plateau buster and if that doesn't work, shock horror I might.. I said MIGHT consider swapping to points to see if that shakes things up enough. This is my very last option, and I won't unless I feel it's absolutely necessary. So this week I'll be upping my water, swapping my exercise and food to try to shake things up!

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

No gain..

.....and no loss, I stayed the same.

This week I've drunk a small swimming pool in water, eaten at least 5 serves of vege and 2 fruit every day.. walked and jogged more kilometers than I care to calculate, consumed no sugar or alcohol and I didn't lose 1 single gram. I also decided that I'd not eat white pasta or rice at all last week, thinking it would shake things up a bit, but alas it didn't show on the scales. I am a little dissappointed (as I always am when I don't lose) but I'm hoping what I did this week will show on the scales next week. I have a plan to put in place so we'll just have to see what happens next week.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

A crazy couple of weeks!

So busy last week I didn't even get to do an update! It was my birthday last Tuesday and Wednesday I gained 0.2kg at WI. I was a bit dissappointed as I stuck to the plan and didn't do anything for my birthday as I was working at the meeting in the evening (we went out last weekend for it instead) I looked back over my week and noted I really didn't eat very much, I mean I ate and was satified but when I really looked, there were heaps of salads and veges and not much else! I paid particular attention to that (adding protein, bread or vitaweats with lunch, having a few points worth of nuts here and there- they aren't core but I allowed for them from my points allowance) and even though I went out for lunch, and 2 dinners last week I lost 0.8kg this week.
The first restaurant is the one we go to every Friday night (and have done since well before I started WW) It's a Smorgasboard (all you can eat, buffet style), Chinese and seafood place. I do treat myself at the restaurant, usually having a couple of pieces of salt and pepper squid and a chicken satay (with very little or no sauce) Basically everything else I have is core (with exception of the oil and cornflour that is used in the chinese style veges that I allow for too) they do steamed vege, grilled fish, I make a prawn cocktail with fresh prawns, plain lettuce and lemon juice. Fresh fruit for dessert, a green tea and I'm done!
Saturday night we asked Brad's mum to have Daniel overnight so we could go out for my birthday dinner. We went to a mongolian BBQ place which was very, very nice and very CORE friendly! Basically you choose your meat (which is prepared for you, thinly cut and still frozen) you have a choice of kangaroo, beef, lamb, chicken and pork, then you choose your veges cabbage, bean shoots, pineapple, onion, celery, carrot and some others I can't remember then you chose your sauces.. Soy, garlic, ginger, chilli, sesame oil, hot pepper oil, sugar water, cooking wine, sweet and sour, hot pepper oil... Then you give your plate to the chef who cooks your meal in front of you on a giant curved hotplate (kind of like an upside down wok) and then hands it back to you when it's cooked, no oil, unless YOU add it, BRILLIANT! So as you can see it's very easy to have a 100% core meal at this place! We'd never been there before, but no doubt we will go back! Afterwards we went for a little walk and got a skim cap and then came home. Great food, great night.
I'm doing the Valentines day raid on the WW core board this week for hopefully a bit of a boost and a lot of fun this week!