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Monday, 16 March 2009


My beautiful nonna passed away this afternoon, she was 87 and has been very ill, the past few weeks in particular. I'll be travelling home once we find out when the funeral is.

Riposa in pace Nonna, ti amo per sempre.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Ups and downs

I haven't been sleeping well, there are heaps of things going on at the moment that are playing on my mind the 3 that concern me the most are, my nonna isn't well, I feel that she won't be with us for very long, my uncle's cancer isn't responding to the chemo, so they are going to try him on another, and mum is going to Sydney for an operation next week for a triple prolapse.

I really had no idea what the scales would say today but I was thrilled to see that I lost another 0.3kg. I have 1.3kgs until goal. But even more exciting is that I have lost 4 weeks in a row.. I'm on a roll!

Last week I had so many comment from people I see all the time about my WL. One older gent I see most weeks at the restaurant that we go to each week, said "You know Sharon, you are almost not here!" LOL

Something fantastic happened at the meeting this morning.. we were celebrating losses, as we do, and we had 2 fabulous people lose 0.1kg. Now "usually" when there is a loss of 0.1kg people don't usually celebrate and don't even really mention it but instead of using the ONLY word (ie. only 0.1kg).. they both used "another" so they lost "another" 0.1kg! How fabulous is that! I love the positivity! All the little losses add up, you can't expect to lose a kilo every week. EVERY minus no matter how big or small counts!

Have a great week everyone!