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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Ask the next question..


You are stuck in a food court or at a restaurant with little or no point friendly options or core foods for lunch. What do you do? Just get something, anything? Or get nothing and be ravenous by the time you can find something?

Something I've learnt is to ask the next question. On my recent Sydney trip, we had Chinese take away for dinner on the Thursday night after scouring the menu I thought my safest bet would be terryaki chicken.. so this is how I ordered it.. Can I have the Terryaki Chicken with a steamed rice please, now I could have left it at that and I was so tired I almost forgot to ask for what I really wanted. Before I left I remembered to ask.. "oh and is it possible to have the terryaki chicken cooked with little or no oil and if you can put double the vegies and less chicken that you usually put in it please." The answer.. "No problem maam". So I got what I wanted, there were heaps of vege, and not much oil. I asked the next question.

A similar thing happended for lunch on the Sunday.. what will I have hmmm Sushi.. all the sushi had either avocado, mayo or both so I asked if I could have some made "no problems", "lovely, I'll have the salmon with cucumber, no mayo thanks!"

The moral of the story.. "Ask the next question" Don't be scared to ask for what you really want. What's the worst that can happen? They say no and you get left with having what you would have had anyway.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

I'm gutted!

For so many reasons..

  • I found out during the week that I am no longer eligable to enter Slimmer of the Year. Why? Because I am a staff member. I asked when I first accepted the position if it would hinder my chances of SOTY and was told I could still enter, I can't. There is a staff and leader category though that I will enter, but it's not the same :(.
  • Our leader left. She has been my leader since the begining (Over 2 years) and I'm very sad that she has left but I understand why and I wish her all the best in her new endevours. I will miss her. ALLOT!
  • I was bitten (on Saturday) between my toes by "something" in the garden- I told you gardening should come with a health warning! I'm not sure what it was exactly. I'm "guessing" it was a spider, but it could have been anything as I didn't see it! It came up in a pussy blister and my feet and legs swelled. I'm ok, but I am still retaining fluid from the bite and I gained 0.5kg today at WI.

On a happier note.. Mum got to goal today! I'm so proud of her, she has done soo well! She is off both her blood pressure and cholesterol medication, and she feels great! Good on you mum!

Monday, 20 October 2008

Amazing Sydney Trip

There aren't actually enough adjectives to describes what an awsome, fantastic, fabulous, amazing time I had while I was away. Even the weather was perfect, I couldn't have ordered it better.

Thursday afternoon Daniel and MIL drive me to the airport, Brad was working close by, so he met us there. Just as the first boarding call was announced Daniel says, "Mummy I don't want you to go." :( So I say "It's ok mate, you'll have a great time with Daddy and you'lll stay at grandmas on Saturday night, and mummy will be home Sunday night, I'll be back before you know it". Then he says with a sad puppy dog face... and just remember the kid has just turned 4.. "But you're leaving the people who love you the most!" :( :( So I walk to the plane with tears rolling down my cheek.. roll forward to Friday when I had a chance to talk to him and he says " I can't talk to you now mummy, I'm playing my game, I'll talk to you later, ok?" Right! So he's obviously REALLY destraught that I'm not there! lol I stayed with my oldest friend K and her fiance on Thursday night and K was so wonderful, she took me both to and from the shoot. Love ya K!
Friday I was at Sun Studios at Alexandria by 9am and met "The Crew" Emma and Janelle from WW, DD the hair and makeup chick, Bee the stylist, Fab the photographer and his assistant who's name I can't remember but I think it was Kristy. First I got to look through some clothes to see what I might like to wear, and of course I have no idea so the girls helped me and found something fantastic for me to wear for my casual shot. Then into hair and makeup where DD fought with the cow-lick in my fringe (but she wasn't going to let it beat her, lol) There were 3 other slimmers due to arrive at different intervals. Carl, Jan and Denise.
Fab started taking the photos and every few DD would jump in fluffing my hair and touching up my makeup! Not too long after Carl arrived and then just like that.. it was done, they had "the shot". Back into hair and makeup for my "glam" look. DD forced my fringe into submission, by parting it against the natural part. Dress on, jewellery on, shoes on, and more pics! Which then meant I not only had to walk in these heals but I also had to dance around in them too. They felt like they were about 3 inches tall, they may not have been, I've no idea really how tall they were, but they were taller than any heal I had ever worn before! Before I knew it they had the shot and the next slimmer arrives.. It's Jan, (wombat) from the WW boards! How cool.. I "knew" someone. Everyone looked amazing all dolled up! We had lunch and I had a little chuckle that the only 100% core thing on offer was fruit kebabs! But a girls gotta eat, and it was lovely! After lunch it was back into hair and makeup for the final time for our group shot. My, fringe, remembering what DD had done to it last time, gave up and sat exactly where it should! Again I had rather tall heals to wear (gee anyone would think I was short.. or something!) and then before we knew it .. it was over :( Thank you Emma and everyone else involved, it's right up there as being one of the most amazing days in my life! The pics will probably be online within the next month and then in the magazine, sometime next year!

K picked me up from the shoot and we headed off to meet a friend for coffee. Due to a technical hitch (ie flat battery in my phone) we had to go back to K's place first to charge it, just to make sure there weren't any messages from my friend I was about to meet at Roselands shopping centre. There was, but we sorted it out the little hitch and we had a lovely time. I also got to pop into the WW shop in Myers to "check it out" I have to say I was impressed! That night I stayed with my aunt and uncle and it was lovely to spend some 1 on 1 time with them as I am unsure if we will get to see them at Christmas time when we go home to mum and dad's.

Saturday I headed off by train to The Rocks where I would meet some girls who I have known online, some of them for almost 6 years, but never had met irl. I had aranged to meet another friend there as well , I was running about 10 minutes late, because being the weekend I had to wait a little longer for the train than I thought I'd have to. So thinking everyone else would be there I tried calling and messaging people that I thought would have their numbers, no luck! Anyway I finally get there and M and her gorgeous girl L were there but there was no sign of the others, so we wait a little while then order. Just as we had finished the others arrived. Apparently they had changed the time and forgotten to let me know! lol. It was fine though we fed the children (L, L, and N) who were all divine then headed out to check out the rocks markets, which were just as I remembered them. I think if I lived in Sydney I would make it part of a regular "thing"walking around the Circular Quay and The Rocks area. As luck would have it my brother and his family were in Sydney, staying at Manly, for a wedding. So I took the opportunity and headed over by ferry to see them. What gorgeous children my nephews are! (J is 4, L is almost 2) We went for a little walk around The Corso before heading back to the motel, where some other wedding guests had congregated. So we stopped and chatted (I even saw someone I used to work with and her daughter and SIL) Then it was time for me to make my way back as we had a BBQ to go to that evening. The BBQ ended up being a sausage sizzle and there was absolutely nothing core on the menu, not even fruit! There were lovely nibbles complete with cheeses, chips nachos and cob dip (all my old friends, it was like a reunion). For dinner there were sausages, thick and thin, white bread, asain noodle salad and caesar salad, and for dessert apple and apricot pie! I am glad I had an apple and a peach before I left. Ended up being a really good night, even though every time I opened a mineral water, it sprayed over me and anyone standing in the vacinity! I was designated driver, by choice.

Sunday was the day of the WW meet, I was picked up by "Carlton" and ShonaW, and taken to Bankstown where we met (JMEHALEY) Janice and (GESIUOL) Lou. We did coffee (Lou had an ice coffee I believe the pics are on Shona's Facebook, see what you can do at goal, lol!) and then some shopping (I bought the most amazing dress to go to the weddings I have in November and some pretty funky shoes, not for the wedding , just because I liked them!!) we had lunch, and a great chat. It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to talk to people you have previously met online, you know things about them , you know some of the issues they have or the problems they have gone through. It's just like meeting up with old friends. Often though, you have no idea what they look like, and that is the tricky bit, replacing the vision of what you think they look like to what they actually do. We were having a lovely time when it was time for me to leave to get back to K's for her to take me to the airport. ANd then before I knew it my sydney trip was over and I was greated at the airport by my boys (Brad and Daniel) Daniel was wearing his MUM ROCKS t-shirt, bless him.. It's great to be home.

Sorry it took so long to write, as you can see it's a long one!!!

WI was yesterday -0.8kg YAY!!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Sydney is getting closer... only 2 more sleeps!

I leave on Thursday night and I return Sunday night. 3 whole days in Sydney! I can't wait to catch up with family and old and new friends while I'm there! (There are many people I have "known" online, some of them, 6 years and I will finally be getting to meet them irl and I will also be getting to meet gals from the WW website that I have been chatting to for about 2 years!) To say I'm excited is a tad of an understatement!

I'm all set for the photoshoot, complete with my strapless bra and new hair, so it's all systems go!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


I went to the Dr on Monday to get my results from the tests and my iron stores are lower than I expected with the normal range being between 10-100... I'm sitting at 12. The Dr seems to think they would definitly be having an impact on my very slow losses too (from about February) as your body has to work alot harder to burn Calories if you have low iron strores, so I'd have to do LOTS more exercise to get the same result. So here's hoping that's why and I'll start losing again and get down to goal soon :).

I took my wedding/engagement ring (I only wanted 1 ring, I like things symmetrical) in to be resized on Monday - so I have have it when I go to Sydney, and I'm picking it up tomorrow (from where I used to work in town). The ring is going from R down to an L 1/2 (that's 5 1/2 sizes) I'm also having my chain shortened and there is enough left to make a bracelet. A standard size 18cm bracelet, not an exta long 21cm one that I used to have to wear. Daniel and I are having a "day". We're going in on the bus (o-bahn) and then we'll walk around the city, have a ride on the tram and then we'll see what else we have time for. Should be fun!

A loss of 0.4kg for me this week.