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  • Monday, Broadview, 7pm
  • Wednesday, St Agnes, 9am
  • Wednesday, Wynn Vale, 5.30pm
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Saturday, 22 December 2007

New cut and colour!!

You like??

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Busy, busy!

I just realized that I didn't even update my blog last week! December just seems to fly by doesn't it? We leave to go to mum and dad's on Sunday.

I seem to be maintaining nicely at the moment, I gained 0.1kg last week and lost it again this week, which would be great if I was trying to maintain!! Anyway I'm going to try shaking things up exercise and food wise this week, see what happens, it will be hard to work out if it helps as I won't be able to weigh on Wednesday as the meetings are closed on Boxing day, but there is an 8.30am meeting on Saturday I might go to.

My plan for Christmas is to not gain, I'll be happy to stay the same, and if I loose, that is a bonus! So I will eat totally core, as much as I can until Christmas, and treat myself on Christmas day paying careful attention to hunger signals and back to it again on Boxing day!! What I need to remember is food will still be there after Christmas and really who wants to be uncomfortably full all day??

You won't believe what I did last night! I had a Lindt Ball! I haven't had any "nice" chocolate since I started WW all those months ago, I mean I've had a few WW Choc Crisp bars and while they're nice, they don't even come close to what is an utterly delectable morsel of swiss chocolate! I actually promised myself to have "1" about 20kgs ago, but I could not find 1 to buy, there were packs of 3, 6 and then boxes of so many points I'd hate to think, but I only wanted 1, I didn't want to buy more. As it happens my MIL won a raffle a couple of weeks ago and in there was a small packet of Lindt Balls, so I asked her for 1! It sat in my fridge for a little over a week. I ate it last night. Can I tell you? It took so long to eat that Lindt Ball I scraped it with my teeth, I nibbled every last orgasmic bite and boy did I enjoy it! I was chatting to a friend last night and she asked if I needed another one now? My response even surprised me, "No thanks I'm good!" I might not wait so long to have the next one as they are pretty affordable points wise (2 points) so instead of being 16 months it might only be 6!! Or maybe when I get to goal! There is no IF, I know will get (and stay) there, that's a promise I made to myself a long time ago!

If I don't get a chance to blog before, have a fabulous Christmas everyone and I will try to do an update from mum and dad's! ♥

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

I've been a slacko!

Gosh it's a busy time of year! I didn't even post my loss from last week . I lost 0.3kg which I'm pleased with considering my big losses lately.
Post raid update... it went really well and I will continue with it til Christmas, despite losing 0.3kg on it (I was expecting more, but the raid really wasn't that much different to what I do day to day anyway, so.. ) all in all it's not too bad.
Daniel and I went to the park with a friend (Hi C) and her little girl yesterday.. It had the biggest slide you've ever seen! It was great fun! Yes I had a go too, what a difference a year makes! This time last year my ass wouldn't have fit! lol

Here is Daniel on the slide! See what I mean?? In his words it's HOOOGE!!

and another of Daniel just for good measure! (pics of course taken with my new camera!)

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Time Flies!

Wow I can't believe this week has gone so quickly, scrap that, this YEAR has gone so quickly, this time in 3 weeks will be Christmas eve.. that's just CRAZY talk!
Monday I started doing a RAID on the WW boards ROX (Raid Operation Xmas). I'm in the Christmas Core-acker team. What is a raid? Well basically you have to agree to this pledge

I ______ , a Hard-Core Christmas Core-acker, pledge that everyday, for the next 7 days I will:
*Get amazing energy from my Core plan
*Do a minimum of 45min continuous exercise
*Drink 2L of water
*Eat 5 serves of vegies and 2 serves of fruit
*Consume no alcohol
*Consume no sugar
*Not use any exercise points that I earn
*Report in to the Core-acker Thread.

In the event of a special occasion (ie. Christmas Party) I may apply for a pass, BUT … I must make the best possible choices available. If I am unable to fulfil the ROX Raid requirements I must bow out OR make up for my indiscretion with a suitable punishment as negotiated with Kerri Core-acker and fellow Raiders.

Day 2 of the raid and it's going really well, it's basically what I do day to day anyway except I do include small amounts of sugar in my diet. We'll see if it shows at WI :)