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Saturday, 9 June 2007

Ooops I forgot to update!

Oops! A little loss this week 0.1kg but I am now in the size16 jeans I bought a few weeks ago, with no flabby overhanging bits, so that's a good thing!! I wore them to the restaurant last night and Joy (another customer we have gotten to know cos she's there every week) commented on my weight loss, she said that I have more "shape" now and my legs and bum are looking great! lol!!

I gave blood this week and in the interview the nurse says, "oh you've lost 10kilos since you were here last" And I said "yes I know, I've been doing Weight Watchers and I've actually lost almost 30 kilos" so then she takes my bp and it is "perfect" (her words) 118/73 and then she tested my haemoglobin (iron) and it is "perfect" too at 140. (she said usually when people lose weight their haemoglobin suffers, and was surprised mine has remained so good). She said as far as she could tell, I'm very healthy and to keep doing what I'm doing!

It made me feel so good! I am doing this the right way and I am healthy, my skin is great and I feel fantastic!

Tuesday Daniel and I leave to go to see mum and dad for a week! I can't wait!!! I'll still weigh as usual on Wednesday, but at mum's meeting!


Tania said...

It's a great thing when you know that you're healthy as a result of the weight you're losing. Congrats on the size 16 jeans, keep up the great work.

Simone said...


I stumbled across your blog from Tracey's (Werribely - can't spell!)and i just wanted to say you are a total inspiration! I have no doubt you will get to goal ... i have my fingers crossed you will hit 30kgs at your mum's meeting - how cool will that be?
Your lifestyle choice is obviously rubbing off on those around you - you must be so happy.
Hope you don't mind my 2c but you ROCK!

KT said...

Hi Shaz,
Just popping in from the WW boards.
Almost 30kg!! That is fantastic.
You must feel so great getting into those size 16 jeans!! It's like someone uts you on a ridiculous pedestal when you reach those milestones, dont you think??
You have been flying into the weight loss!! Good on you!! You are an inspiration!!
See less of you soon ; )