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Thursday, 21 February 2008

And again...

Rather frustrating to say the least, but I stayed the same again at WI, looks like I have a plateau happening at the moment, so this week it will be operation plateau buster and if that doesn't work, shock horror I might.. I said MIGHT consider swapping to points to see if that shakes things up enough. This is my very last option, and I won't unless I feel it's absolutely necessary. So this week I'll be upping my water, swapping my exercise and food to try to shake things up!

Wish me luck!


Werribeetracyk from the WW's Boards said...

OH Shaz that is frustrating!!!!

I know you say you MIGHT consider a switch to Points, but I think it could really do some good. Other than that, try eating more of your weekly allowance and don't cut back too much on portions at meal times as this can have the opposite effect as you might not be consuming enough calories.

I do find the one advantage with Points is that as you drop down to the next weight bracket you end up losing a point, which in turn helps shake the body into losing weight again as the calories are just slightly lower than what the body had been used too.

Just a thought. Wishing you luck either way you go.

Love Trace.

Just T said...

I was the same this week, Shaz! But like I told myself, at least it wasn't a GAIN!!!

Good luck this week :)

Tina (teenyr on WW)