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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

I did it.. I did it.. oh yeah, yeah, yeah!

This is what greeted me today as I entered my weight in etools on the WW website. Today I lost 0.8kg bringing my total loss to 50 amazing kgs on the dot. I am so proud of myself and so very happy! Who would have thought on just over 17 months I would have lost 50kgs?? No one will wipe the smile from my face today or for about a week I reckon!

I successfully broke the plateau by swapping to points for two weeks, but I'm back to core this week!

I can sniff goal now it's so close but I know at the same time it does not mean the end of healthy eating and exercise. I know I can eat and exercise like this for ever. Weight Watcher's really do set you up to suceed in loosing and maintaining weigh. They give you all the tools you need and you choose how to use them.

If I can give everyone 1 piece of advice? Just don't stop! You will only NOT suceed if you choose not to.


Meg said...

Well done. 50kgs is an awesome achievement. You deserve to be smiling for days if not weeks.

One of the Murray's said...

Hi Shaz

You deserve to smile and make sure you enjoy every moment of it.

*W*E*L*L* *D*O*N*E*

I have been reading your blog for awhile now and everytime I pop in I just wish some of your motivation would jump off the page and onto me!!

I am going to do what you say though and "not give up!!"

Once again - congratulations, well done and thanks for the inspiring blog.


Just T said...

Doing the happy dance for you, Shaz!

Congratulations on such an awesome milestone in your weight loss journey :)

Tina (teenyr)

Jools Journey said...

Congratulations Shazzy - thats amazing!

I have attempted to loose 10 kg for 2 bloody years, and just end back where I started and you have just shown me I need to take serious action & stop failing & making excuses...

Thank you for that.

C u on the boards


Emma Bywaters said...


That is such an exciting piece of news! You made my day!!!!


Carmen said...

That is so great Shazzy. You look amazing!! Not far to goal now. Well done!!


Mel said...

Hey Shaz that is really amazing. Thanks so the inspiration. I have been really struggling the past couple of months having put on quite a lot over Christmas. Have to remind myself that if you can do it so can I!

Be really proud of yourself!

Anonymous said...

50 kgs GO SHAZ! That is just too amazing for any words!

Love Kelley T

Anonymous said...

Well done shaz, your an inspiration for many people. I must admit I'm really trying hard to keep motivated and seeing how well you've done is really helping!


Anonymous said...

Reading your blog is inspirational, I was not going to go this week cause I have been bad ( well not too good) but I will come and face the music to keep myself on track before I get too far under or over should I say.
Thank you for sharing your journey.
I am very proud of you you are a great example of whats achievable with belief and determination.
thank you
Paula D D