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Thursday, 20 March 2008

Back to core

So happy last week to be back eating core. It's funny when you are "allowed" to eat crap, and sugar you tend to crave it more. A loss of 0.6kg which is great BUT I was hoping for (at least)0.7kg to take me into the 60's but alas I'm smack bang on 70kg! Oh, I'm not complaining, I'm more than happy with 0.6kg, it just would have been nice!

Easter is this weekend and while it would "usually" come with it's own set of challenges I'm confident that I won't be tempted by anything that hasn't been allowed for. Everyone knows now not to buy me chocolate! I'll be making some hot crossed buns tomorrow and freezing those we don't eat. (2.5 points each, I'll post the recipe on my recipe blog, the link to it is on the right ->>>>) and I will have 1 small Lindt chocolate square for 0.5 points (but 1.5 if you have 2) very affordable points wise!

We've been having some renovations done over the last few weeks, so I am getting quite a bit of incidental exercise sanding and polishing new deck, cleaning after the builders etc.. and there is more to come, painting ripping up carpet etc... I can't wait til it's all done!

Have a safe and Happy Easter everyone!


Amarula said...

Such a huge inspiration!!! Well done on your absolutely fantastic weight loss and good luck for the last 8kgs!!


cjjosh said...

I met you last week in Adelaide when I joined before coming to Canberra. Just wanted to let you know that I've found a good meeting here - and I found you on the message board! The user name sounded interesting so I looked you up. I'm glad I did because you're an inspiration.

Blogger K L said...

Hi! Great to see another post - and another great loss! 70 is a huge achievement, and I know you'll keep going in the right direction.

How did you find easter? Did the easter buns work out?

Kat (goalweight65 on ww boards)