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Thursday, 20 November 2008

While going through some pics..

I found this particularly UNFLATTERING pic of Brad and I, Daniel was 6 moths old so it was 3.5 years ago. Just so you can compare the pics from the wedding I posted last week! I seem to be Postie McPost lately!

Brad has lost almost 25kgs so between us we have lost over 80kgs. Amazing when you think about it!

and here is another shocker of me, I thought I looked good in this top! DENIAL (De Nile) is not just a river near Egypt! lol

Quite a difference eh?


Joanne said...

When I put some fat pics up shellamalu said something that really stuck with me. Its like you are in a fat suit and we just have to unzip it to get the real Jo out. I can see that it these pics you have posted.
I am so glad you unzipped yourself!!!!! Well done!

Carlton said...

Wow what a difference in both of you. Good on you both for losing weight together. You should be so proud of your achievements. Your such a star....

Werribeetracyk from the WW's Boards said...

Yes, the difference IS AMAZING!!!!! But saying that, I really like the second photo you put up. As Joanne said above, it really is like you've just been unzipped from a fat suit, however, you were just as beautiful before hand also.

CONGRATS again on all your hardwork thou darl. I know most importantly you also FEEL so much better for losing the weight.

I'm currently back upto a Size 14, and thou I don't like my bigger tum that I've put on, my boobs are SOOOOO much fuller and sexier than they were when saggy and baggy. It's a catch twenty two really. I could happily stay this size, maybe a few kilos lightly to lose some more of the tum again, but WW's won't honour this weight as being at goal. So while I'm getting my meetings for free at the moment thankfully as I'm working there (thou only voluntarily at the mo), I can't be considered to become a leader nor can I continue to attend my meetings for free even after I stop working there because I'm technically over goal. Suxs really.

Well hope to catch up with you soon. BTW what was the big news????

Take Care.


Tina said...

What an amazing difference. You definitely have inspired me to keep going.

I want to be able to show those sort of photos too. I wouldn't dare post my fat photos yet - LOL!!

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