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  • Monday, Broadview, 7pm
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Saturday, 18 April 2009


This is crazy! I lost 1kg over Easter.. I made Hot Cross Buns (recipe on my blog) and I had chocolate, but I also did a bit of exercise and saved some points too! (and in fairness I had gained the 2 weeks prior so I'm probably just playing a bit of "catch up" atm.

I've been getting lots of wonderful people emailling me and it's fantastic! I do need to applogise though, there was a couple of emails this week that were deleted from my junk box before I had a chance to reply to them, so if it was you I'm sorry!

I'm doing a couple of subs this week and there will a few more over the next coming weeks.. so watch this space, I could be coming to a suburb near you!

Also some excitement for me personally.. size 8 Target black pants.. do I need to say more??

Until next time... keep smiling!


Carlton said...

Congratulations Shazz you must be so close to goal now.

Now I would be surprised if you came to a suburb near me for a meeting. I'd even take the day off work to attend. LOL....

Tina said...

That's unreal Shazzy. You are so inspirational to me.

I wish you would come and do the West Lakes meeting some time.

Martine said...

Shaz. Size 8 target pants. I bet you were happy. I may have Thursday off so will come to your Lockleys meeting. I have had a few personal issues the last few weeks and WW did suffer but glad to say am back on the horse. Take care and fabulous work. Martine

♥Shaz♥ said...

That will be lovely Martine :)

Rebecca Batchelor said...

That is amazing about size 8 - well done & congratulations!!