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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

I'm still here!

Another great loss of -0.9kg this week! Bringing my total loss to 36.9kg and over 30% of my start weight.

Who would have thought that 11 months after I started I'd still be going strong?

Certainly not me in the beginning! Originally I thought - you know, even if I lose 5 or even 10 kilos I'd be that much better off. But as I went along and hit these milestones (and many more since then) and for me, it hasn't been that difficult to continue. The fact that I'm not feeling deprived has made it so much easier to continue on the downwards spiral to goal. I do have little treats along the way, but not every day. Eating CORE I find fantastic as I am not obsessing about food as much as I was on points. I feel fantastic and I'm actually starting to like the way I look, I was looking at my shadow the other day while on my walk and it's very noticeable to me how much it has shrunk! I even bought a pair of size 12 denim 3/4 pants on special for $5! It will be a while before they fit (I'm not even into 14's quite yet), but I know I will eventually get into them - hopefully around Christmas, size 12 for Christmas, what more could a girl ask for?

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Tania said...

Well done - that's a huge effort for 11 months, you should be very proud.