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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Thank goodness!!

I've lost it!

No, no don't laugh! I lost what I had gained over the last 2 weeks. What did I do differently? I tracked everything (on WW etools) to take in to show my leader what I had been doing as I couldn't see for myself what I was doing that was causing me to gain. (I usually only track what's not core). So I tracked everything that passed my lips this week I lost 1kg. I'm not sure if it's because I was tracking that it was making me focus more on what I was doing or what, but I will be tracking again this week! We ate out a fair bit last week too (with our anniversary and Mother's Day) but I am confident that I make sensible choices while out.

Friday night we went out for dinner as usual, we go out for dinner every Friday night (and have done since before I started WW) to a buffet style "all you can eat" restaurant. For me it's not about getting my money's worth, it's more about going out as a family, it's "the" thing we do on Friday night. I know I will be there every week, so if there is something I REALLY want to have that isn't core I will wait a week and if I still want it the week after I will have it. I had hot chips this week. 4 of them! I allowed for them I knew I'd have enough points to spare this week, so I had them. I usually have 1 thing that is totally not core and allow for it like salt and pepper squid or a chicken satay stick. (the squid I have 3 or 4 pieces.. the satay I have with minimal sauce and I pick a small one, because I'm really just after the taste.) I do have chinese and steamed vegies, and salad and seafood, I certainly don't sit there and starve!

Saturday night Brad and I went into town for sushi. I started with a miso soup and then we had a sushi boat of assorted sushi. I allowed a point for the non core portion of the boat, ie avocado and mayo and we both had a wonderful evening!

Sunday was our anniversary and Mother's Day so the rule was, NO COOKING!! We went to the food court of the local Westfield for lunch (I had a "weight watcher's" potato) and for dinner, we had Noodlebox I asked for them to be cooked with no oil and to only use oyster sauce (both meals totally core)!

I was presented with my certificate for my 50kg loss this week. It still amazes me that I have lost a whole person and I really can't imagine walking around now with an extra 50 kilos! Just imagine though how much weight I could have gained in 18 months had I not started WW. *shudder* I'd easily be tipping the scales at 130-140kgs I'd imagine. Not a good look on someone who is only 157cms tall!


Roisin said...

Hey, my name is roisin and i want to tell you how much you inspire me, i too am 157cm tall and at my heaviest i weighed over 90kg, i did lose a bit got down to 80kg and thought i looked good, um i didnt.. since aug last year i have excersisd and watched wat i ate, having loads of treats too, an t new weigh 65kg, i at,am finding this to be the hardest part as i want to lose another 7-10kg but its really hard to shift the last bit of . is this is what u are finding? i have been going to spin 3 times per week, but i think i should up my weights maybe? goodluck for the rest of your journey


teamcore said...

Well done! What an inspiration you are - never giving up! And ow you must have been tempte with people telling you (the way they do) that you've lost enough - you'll look gaunt etc!
I shall so lookforward to reading aboutyour journeythrough "maintenance" which I honestly found the hardest part oft he whole lot and am not really looking forward to this time round! 50kgs gone, that's your little man and a few of his mates!