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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Focus on the positives

It's sometimes REALLY hard to focus on the positives especially this week as this is my second gain in 2 weeks (only 0.1 but it is still a gain!) and I'm not sure I can put my finger on why. It certainly won't make me quit but it is disheartening, but as disheartening as it is I know I will keep going, simply because I can't go back to what I was, I DON'T WANT TO! It's time to focus on the positives!

*I used to be tired all the time, now I have HEAPS of energy!
*I used to be a size 24-26, now I'm a 10-12!
*I didn't care what I looked like, now I make sure I have some makeup on, and dressed nicely before I leave the house!
*I used to think people were staring because I was so big, now I don't think they do because I look "normal"!
*I used to buy a chocolate bar EVERY time I did groceries to eat on the way home, I can't remember the last time I bought a chocolate bar from a supermarket!
*I used to have to have the car seat back and my stomach would still be hitting the steering wheel, now I've got the seat forward and my stomach is no where near hitting the steering wheel!
*I used to feel old, unattractive and embarrassed by the way I looked, now I feel younger and more attractive and I'm not embarrassed anymore!
*I used to have to buy clothes because they fit, now I buy them because they look good!
*I never had much confidence, now I stand up myself!

I will be diligently tracking everything this week (not just non core food -what I usually do) to see what happens next week!

Sometimes I feel like I've been doing WW forever.. and something I realized this week is that I WILL be doing WW forever, it's not something I can say right I'm at goal now, I'm cured, everything will magically fall into place and I will never be overweight again.. It's not going to happen that way, I will have to be diligent forever to maintain my weight.

Some words of wisdom I gave to a member recently was "The weight didn't go on overnight, I shouldn't expect it to come off overnight either!" I really need to start listening and taking my own advice!

It is our 6th wedding anniversary on Sunday (which is also Mother's Day) We're having a DFN (Daniel free night) and going out for sushi on Saturday night.


Werribeetracyk from the WW's Boards said...

OH Shazzy, that totally sux's.

HOWEVER.......I know your strength, determination and positive outlook will see you through ANY challenge you face.

I know it must be frustrating to know exactly WHY, but my only advice (which I'm sure you've already thought off thou) is to change things up EVEN MORE.

Why not count points for a day, even while following Core to see if you still might not be eating enough calories. Remember, those on Points that don't eat all their points each day sometimes don't lose as well Just a thought???

Also, why not try some MORE different types of exercise. I know you've mixed it up abit already, but have you considered joining a gym and using things like rowers, steppers, cross trainers, etc. Plus, how much resistance training do you do? I've found since doing my weights routine at the gym 2-3 times a week for nearly a year, my body has built up the most AMAZING muscles, which in turn helps increase the metabolism and burns extra calories (even when not exercising).

Sorry if I'm repeating everything you've already thought off, I'm just as puzzled as you as to why the weight loss is stalling for you. I have to say, I didn't have that last 7kg problem you talked about, and I'm not sure why. So I'm just giving you some ideas as to what I did that maybe helped??? Who knows.

Keep at it darl. But don't let ANYBODY say it's because your body is comfortable where it is already. That's crap. You CAN and WILL reach your goal if you keep following the plan and making it work for you.


Love ya long time.


P.S. My staring role on the WW's website home page will be on the 12th May if your interested.

Mel said...

I would just say - don't stress. Keep doing the right thing.You know it will work.

You have done amazingly well - I am so inspired. I've lost 30 kgs (was a size 24-26 and now a 16. I am really struggling at the moment but the other day I thought "why am I beating myself up? Look how far you've come. If I never lose another ounce I am so healthy compared to what I was." So I won't give up but I'll box on and do it in my own time.

Remember it's not a race - you'll get there (you already have really!). Remember to be proud of this amazing achievement.

Thanks for the inspiration

Anonymous said...

As always you are such an inspiration, Shaz. I can so relate to your comments about clothes and dressing. I often think this journey is like a big present that we open layer by layer. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to why the weight loss speeds up or slows down. But it definitely slows down the nearer you get to goal! I have 6.3kg to go and it seems painfully slow at times now compared to the early months, but I really don't care. Like you I have realised this is for life. I will not get to goal and stop or....d'uh...the weight will go back on. NO WAY am I going back as I am just so, so much happier and healthier. This is living, really living.

Look forward to hearing when those numbers move down again (for us both!).

CJ (from WW boards)