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Sunday, 28 September 2008

A Possible answer..

After a few weeks of my weight not really doing much at all I decided (after someone gave me some gentle persuasion) to go to the Dr for a checkover to see if there is a medical reason why my weightloss seems to have stalled. He sent me off for a blood test and he rang me with the results on Friday (which I will get in more detail when I go to see him on Monday) I have "very low iron stores". I am a little annoyed as I only gave blood a few weeks ago and I thought that was one thing they do check. Anyway I have started on iron tablets to try to increase my ferratin levels, lets hope it works!

I am now the proud owner of my first ever denim skirt, and it's a MINI!
How do I feel in it? Cool (as in temperature), almost naked and just a tad bit SEXY!!!
The count down is on, just over 2 weeks til Sydney!


Joanne said...

So jealous of your collarbones and super skinny legs!! You look great.

Kat said...

woo hoo! you look fabulous!! well done!!

Mel said...

A mini! Wow. Good on you.Looks fab.