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Wednesday, 1 October 2008


I went to the Dr on Monday to get my results from the tests and my iron stores are lower than I expected with the normal range being between 10-100... I'm sitting at 12. The Dr seems to think they would definitly be having an impact on my very slow losses too (from about February) as your body has to work alot harder to burn Calories if you have low iron strores, so I'd have to do LOTS more exercise to get the same result. So here's hoping that's why and I'll start losing again and get down to goal soon :).

I took my wedding/engagement ring (I only wanted 1 ring, I like things symmetrical) in to be resized on Monday - so I have have it when I go to Sydney, and I'm picking it up tomorrow (from where I used to work in town). The ring is going from R down to an L 1/2 (that's 5 1/2 sizes) I'm also having my chain shortened and there is enough left to make a bracelet. A standard size 18cm bracelet, not an exta long 21cm one that I used to have to wear. Daniel and I are having a "day". We're going in on the bus (o-bahn) and then we'll walk around the city, have a ride on the tram and then we'll see what else we have time for. Should be fun!

A loss of 0.4kg for me this week.


Katy said...

Shaz, well done on your loss! Now you know about your low iron levels, you can do something about it. What did the Doctor recommend?

I've just come across your blog, so I'm slowing going through your archives.

Well done on your loss to date and to come!!

Shrinking Tardie said...


Interesting info about the iron. I've been maintaining my weight wonderfully for the past 3 months or so - sadly I'm still about 30 kilos from where I'd like to be. Your post had me looking back through my records and it appears that when I've taken my iron supplement consistently I've lost - off the supplement and I'm back to maintaining no matter what I do.

Might have to go and get the doc to check.

Thanks for that!