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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Ask the next question..


You are stuck in a food court or at a restaurant with little or no point friendly options or core foods for lunch. What do you do? Just get something, anything? Or get nothing and be ravenous by the time you can find something?

Something I've learnt is to ask the next question. On my recent Sydney trip, we had Chinese take away for dinner on the Thursday night after scouring the menu I thought my safest bet would be terryaki chicken.. so this is how I ordered it.. Can I have the Terryaki Chicken with a steamed rice please, now I could have left it at that and I was so tired I almost forgot to ask for what I really wanted. Before I left I remembered to ask.. "oh and is it possible to have the terryaki chicken cooked with little or no oil and if you can put double the vegies and less chicken that you usually put in it please." The answer.. "No problem maam". So I got what I wanted, there were heaps of vege, and not much oil. I asked the next question.

A similar thing happended for lunch on the Sunday.. what will I have hmmm Sushi.. all the sushi had either avocado, mayo or both so I asked if I could have some made "no problems", "lovely, I'll have the salmon with cucumber, no mayo thanks!"

The moral of the story.. "Ask the next question" Don't be scared to ask for what you really want. What's the worst that can happen? They say no and you get left with having what you would have had anyway.


Carlton said...

It is so true we need to ask the next question all the time. I must admit I don't always remember. I was so glad that the Sushi place made your roll up for you and cut it up into smaller pieces too. It makes me what to go back to that place again next time I'm in Centro.

Polyana Nielsen said...

I just loved reading your post entitled ''Ask the next question''. My relationship with food is a complicated one, though I've never been overweight I always panic when I look at he numbers on the scale and I am always looking for the next best way to lose weight. I am inspired by reading about people who do the right thing weight wise and instead of starving themselves or stuffing themselves with diet pills like I did at one point in my life and went down to 46 kg, like you they change their lives and start eating differently. I am a very weird person when it comes to going to restaurants. I am actually embarrassed to ask about the choices on the menu and I always end up eating whatever they give me. I remember one day in Canberra with my ex-fiancée, he ordered a two for one deal. I just assumed he was going to eat one and I was going to eat the other plate of spaghetti, but he actually ordered two for me and two for him. He told me that he wasn't going to pay for it if I didn't eat it all. I remember panicking and feeling that I should actually eat the two plates just to make him happy. I only ate one serving and paid for my own meal that day. But I wasn't brave enough to order a salad... This was over 10 years ago and I still remember it. It's all about control. I felt like someone else was in charge of my food, I had no control over what I ate, when in fact I should have asked the next question:-)

Katy said...

So true Shaz! Your post has resonated with me and something I'll remember moving forward.