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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

I'm gutted!

For so many reasons..

  • I found out during the week that I am no longer eligable to enter Slimmer of the Year. Why? Because I am a staff member. I asked when I first accepted the position if it would hinder my chances of SOTY and was told I could still enter, I can't. There is a staff and leader category though that I will enter, but it's not the same :(.
  • Our leader left. She has been my leader since the begining (Over 2 years) and I'm very sad that she has left but I understand why and I wish her all the best in her new endevours. I will miss her. ALLOT!
  • I was bitten (on Saturday) between my toes by "something" in the garden- I told you gardening should come with a health warning! I'm not sure what it was exactly. I'm "guessing" it was a spider, but it could have been anything as I didn't see it! It came up in a pussy blister and my feet and legs swelled. I'm ok, but I am still retaining fluid from the bite and I gained 0.5kg today at WI.

On a happier note.. Mum got to goal today! I'm so proud of her, she has done soo well! She is off both her blood pressure and cholesterol medication, and she feels great! Good on you mum!


Kathiej said...

How dissappointing for you...I am sorry.
Well done to your mum.
You might need to get that bite looked at in case it was something like a white tail spider ...nasty things..don't let it go to long without treatment

Helsyd said...

that is GREAT! news about your mum Shaz! and to be off her medication too! Brilliant! xx

Joanne said...

Shaz that is so ripped of about slimmer of the year. Even though we all know its a long shot, I think its what is in the back of the mind of a lot of us when we are on our journeys.
I am glad you have stepped aside so I can take all the glory. LOL.
Thanks for that. I remember to thank you in my speech.

Anonymous said...

Hi shaz, I have never commented on here before but have been coming along here and there to see your inspirational journey. It is such a shame that you can not enter SOTY, you totally deserve it! I do hope to see you on the cover of the WW magazine or a big article in there of what you have done. You truely are a star!!