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Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Well I wasn't really expecting that.

A gain of 0.1kg. :( In the overall scheme of things isn't that bad and I certainly didn't expect to lose as well as I did last week, but I am a bit disappointed. I know how much effort I put in to following the plan to the letter and I only had 2 non core days (and on those days I didn't go wild, using 5 points one day and 6 the other), I can only assume that the little exercise week (when I wasn't well) has caught up with me. I'm getting to know my body and I'm learning that it doesn't always do what I'm expecting it to.

But does this mean I'm going to throw the towel in and say "stuff it"? Hell no! I look at how far I've come and I know I can do this and I know this is my new lifestyle and the way I want to live. Looking back at my before pictures I can't understand how I didn't see it earlier and why I didn't do anything about my weight a long time ago. I guess because I've always been overweight I got used to seeing myself like that, and I guess others have been used to seeing me like that too. I didn't think I looked that bad. In hind site though I see now I was not ready mentally and emotionally to take on this new phase in my life. I know that I am ready now (and have been since September) I haven't let small hiccups phase me along the way, every week is a new week with it's own challenges. I try to learn the lesson I was supposed to and move on. The trick is not to lose focus along the way.

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