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Sunday, 1 July 2007

Just got to do it.

I went on my walk today even though I was not feeling 100%. I realized that in the past I would have used this as an excuse to not go at all, just like yesterday's dark cloudy sky (and subsequent rain, well sprinkles really) didn't deter me from yesterday's walk. Although in hind site I should have really gone for a shorter, or slower walk, the fact is that I did my 5kms and now it's done!

People frequently comment on how strong I am (as in strong willed) and I am! I really want to loose weight and I really want to get to my goal. I want it MORE than I want greasy takeaway, chocolate or cakes and biscuits. It's not easy, but to be quite honest it's not overly hard either, it is my choice, however, how hard I am on myself and how hard I choose to push myself. I could give into temptation, but ultimately where would that get me? I remember a leader telling me once that "no one hooks you up to an IV and force feeds you at night, YOU and only YOU are responsible for what you choose goes in your mouth" just like it is you who decides to, or not to exercise, and you know what? It's so right.

I was asked through the week if at any stage in the last 40 weeks if I had just said, "ah stuff it" and just gone bizerk, the answer is "hell no" any treats that I have had along the way have been accounted for and if they didn't "fit" I didn't have it! It's that simple!

I get asked how I stay motivated. I find meetings and the Weight Watcher's website really motivating, but ultimately I motivate myself, seeing myself shrink, seeing the numbers go down each week on the scales is all the motivation I need to stay on the straight and narrow. People telling me how great I look helps too! lol

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