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Friday, 5 October 2007

So proud of myself.

As you may know I have set myself a challenge. An extra exercise challenge. I think I've mentioned that I have been getting up at 6am most mornings and go out for a walk by myself for an hour. If it is raining (very rare), I don't go. If it looks like rain, I still go and wear a rain jacket.

The exception being one day on the weekend and Wednesday (weigh in) mornings, I don't like to drink excess fluid on weigh in morning so instead when I drop Daniel off at MIL's on weigh in morning I also drop off the pram. Then walk to pick him up (uphill on the way there, down hill on the way back) and push him in the pram on the way back. Ususally takes an hour.

It feels really good going out in the early morning and getting some exercise done early, then anything else I get to do during the day is a bonus. Not bad for not a morning person, hey?

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