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Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Well, doesn't that just rot your socks?

I gained 0.3 this week!
I hate it when I do everything to the letter and I still gain :(. I was expecting it though as I have been feeling fluidy (this hot one day, cold the next, weather doesn't help) for the past few days, so I'm not overly concerned I know it will come off next week (well I hope so) and well life, just wouldn't be life if there were little detours along the way. One thing it won't do though, is it won't send me searching the pantry for whatever naughties might be in there. No siree, I've come too far to go down THAT road. Binging won't make me feel better when I step on the scales next week, now will it?? So I will continue to plod along and I will get there, I'm confident of that!

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