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Thursday, 15 November 2007

Breaking the trend and new pics!

The last few weighins have gone something like good loss, gain, same, good loss so I was kind of expecting a gain or a same, but I lost 0.3kg, so I'm really pleased about that! I'm still walking at least 6 days a week. I was wanting to try to do the c25k but my poor "old" knees won't let me, so I will stick to walking.

Do you know what I have found the hardest since starting WW? Learning to take compliments. I've never really had many compliments before and I always used to brush them off. I've since learned that all I have to do is say thank you! :)

I was asked at this weeks meeting how I stay motivated for so long. Tbh I think the first few weeks are the hardest, when you aren't seeing or feeling the results, but once you have lost about 7 or 8 kilos you really do start to motivate yourself. You have lost a dress size, you start looking different and you start to believe that you can do this - AND YOU CAN! I have never missed a meeting - NEVER. Even when I go away (usually to visit mum and dad in NSW) I always make sure I go to the meeting. Keeping a blog helps me stay motivated to, it's different to just keeping a diary as I'm accountable to everyone who reads it not just me. I have never kept my attempt to lose weight a secret. EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE that I know, knows that I'm doing WW. Even my butcher knows and asks me each week how I've gone. I log in daily to the WW Website to see how everyone is going and to post about my celebrations and breakthoughs, but not only that... Motivating others and patting them on the back gives me a great feeling! All these things help keep me accountable. I can't wait for Christmas when I get to see all my family and friends agian in NSW. I love the shock factor each time they see me, as it's more dramatic because they only see me a couple of times a year.

Some updated pics for you.. you can check out all the pics here. Enjoy!


MissKatja said...

Hi Shazzywomble,
I found your blog through the WW site - your photos are amazing! You're an absolute inspiration - thank you for sharing :)


Anonymous said...

Hello, The WW site and reading people's blogs like yours are just brilliant. Thank you for sharing. I am going to add you to my bookmarks so I can follow your success. I started a few weeks ago at 116.2 kg (after over the last 15 years tried many times and failed). But this time is different and I think these chat rooms etc are going to make the world of difference this time as there is motivation every minute of the day instead of just the meetings. You look great and I am very proud of you. All the best, Lucylosingit.

Karen TW said...

you look fabulous shaz! love your hair!!

you are such an inspiration


~Ness~ said...

You look amazing Shaz, Keep on going, you are an inspiration to us all.

Anonymous said...

WOW you are looking fantastic. Sorry I have not been on the WW site for what seems like AGES but life got so busy that I forgot about me ther for a couple of months. You should be so proud!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shazzywomble,
My name is shazzy,and i googled myself to look at my new website.
Your name came up and i was nosey and had a look at your blog.

Well,i think you look amazing!