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Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Well that's more like it!

I lost 1.1kg this week. Thank goodness as I was just getting ready to throw in the towel! NOT! lol sorry! You don't really think I'd quit now do you? I know I can do this and I will. I am confident that it is only a matter of time before I get to goal! I'm confident that I will be able to maintain my weight with the help of core.

I have realised over all this time that Weight Watchers is all about choice.

  • You can choose to do it or you can choose not to. I chose to do it.
  • You can choose to "kinda" do it, or you can choose to not kid yourself and do it properly. I choose to do it properly.
  • You can choose to make excuses, or you can choose not to. I choose not to make excuses.
  • You can choose which plan you want to do. First I chose points, now I choose CORE.
  • You don't just fall off the wagon, you choose to hop off. (Oh yes you do! No one force feeds you at night with a drip) I choose not to fall off.

So now tell me... What do you choose?


Kim said...

OH I so needed to read this post! Thank you for giving me the impetus to keep going. I am a lot further back on my journey to goal than you are, but the sentiment you express here is spot-on. In the latest WW magazine, one of the ww winners says something along the lines of "nothing tastes as good as being fit and healthy feels."

CJ said...

Hi Shaz

This is an awesome post. It is just so true: it is all about choices. I love the quote, 'If you blame other people for your mistakes, do you also credit them with your successes?'

I choose: to lose weight, to follow the Core plan (it is so working for me), to be able to move freely, to like how I look, to eat healthily, to exercise, to plan meals and to be comfortable in my own skin.

Anonymous said...

Stick with you, you are doing amazingly!

missbooti said...

great post, shazzy. way to keep us gals motivated. stay tuned for a few new blogs from me - i am in complete fat fighters mode and LOVING it. boots xx