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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

What has changed since I started WW?

Well apart from the obvious!

- I can cut and paint my toenails and put on my shoes and socks without having to hold my breath.
- I can fit down a slippery dip.
- I can walk for hours if I need to, I used to have to have rests all the time.
- I get up at 6am most days to go for a daily fast paced walk, I used to avoid exercise
- I can get up off the floor easily, I was never able to before.
- I'm not the biggest person in a crowd anymore, I always felt like i was before.
- I can sit comfortably in a chair with armrests without having to squish in.
- I look for ways to get extra excercise, I used to always look for the "easiest" way to do things.
- I don't eat mindlessly when I'm bored, happy, sad, angry...
- I enjoy helping and motovating others.
- I can see bones in my wrists, hands, collarbones.
- I have to get all my rings resized, they're all to big!
- I have new clothes, all the old ones are too big!
- I get compliments constantly, I never used to.
- I can shop in "normal" sized shops, I used to have to shop in plus size shops.
- I can say "no thanks" to chips and chocolate, I was never able to resist before.
- I don't look for the closest car parks.
- I wear make up more often.
- I like myself.
- I have more confidence.
- I smile alot more.
- I am proud of myself.

A great loss this week -0.8kgs. :)


meegan said...

That is a great list!
Keep up the excellent work :)

Anonymous said...

Heya Shaz :)
Didnt know u had a blog.
Well done! You are going great!
luv Katie
(aka babybell)

Mel said...

Awesome - love your list. I'll ad mine Went into JeansWest as I'd seen a maxi dress I wanted for Christmas. No large and the sales assistant says "oh you'll fit the medium easily!". OMG - I did!

Natty said...

Hi Shazzy,

I have finally got around to leaving you a comment. Love your blog to bits, and what a great list! Congrats on your AMAZING weight loss so far - very inspirational.
Also you are always so kind and supportive on the ww forums - a sincere thank you.

Natty x (NRB 2007)

Katja said...

I *love* your list :)

Anonymous said...

Shaz! You are doing AMAZINGLY! I have never heard a success story like yours such a long term constant loss! Good on you! You look amazing!