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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

2 weeks in a row

Yep that's right 2 weeks in a row I've lost over 1kg. I'm a happy little camper! I have been doing a raid on the WW core board so that would have helped as would that I am walk/jogging now. I also try to get a couple of "extra" walks in a week (besides my normal hour morning walk.) It all helps! I pay careful attention to hunger signals, only eating if genuinely hungry, and stopping when comfortably satisfied, not stuffed full! I make sure I drink at least 2L of water each day and I'm mindful of the good health guidelines when planning my meals.

1 comment:

Kaz said...

You are amazing.
I have really slipped this week - terrible after raid, but I seem to have relapsed positive outlook. Then you wrote something about : do you want to lose weight or not?
Have been thinking of this all day, and saved lots of indulgences.
Thank you