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Wednesday, 9 January 2008

We're back!

We had such a fabulous time while we were away. I got to catch up with heaps of friends and family. I had lots of great comments about my weight loss and how I look while I was away, (they usually started with Oh my God!) Others stared as they weren't quite sure if it was me or not :).
Some really exciting news... Mum bought me a skirt and top for me for Christmas while I was away and just guess what size it was?? A size 10!!! A 10!! Can you believe that? Last Christmas I was wearing a 22-24!!!
OK now I'm not totally delusional because I'm certainly not fitting into 10's in anything else, so I'm sure it was a "big" size 10 and it was a touch firm, but I wore it all day Christmas day! No one could wipe the smile off my face!

1 comment:

Jo. said...

OMG Shaz a size 10! You should be soooo proud of yourself (and are from the sounds of it). I have not caught up on your blog or with you for a while but I am very glad to hear things are going well! You are so right too its a lifestyle change that people need when losing weight like you have not just diets. Thats what my dad does - diets - and just will not change the bad habits he has adopted over the last 50 odd years...

Congrats on your success hun and I am very happy for you :)