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Sunday, 13 January 2008

Sunday ponderings

Or should that be ramblings??

While walking this morning I was thinking, as you do, about why I think I have been sucessful so far. I'm often asked at meetings, and in general so here it is..

Shazzy's hints and tips for sucessful weighloss!

  • Tell everyone you know you are doing WW.
    -This helps in a number of ways. People are expecting you to lose weight, so you will feel less inclinded to let these people down. I can't imagine saying to someone if they ask how WW is going.. "Oh, I don't do that anymore!" If you keep WW a secret, no one will know except you, this will not keep you very accountable.
    -People will encourage you more, they aren't scared to ask if you have lost weight, when they can see it, they will tell you!
    -You're less likly to be given gifts of food hampers or chocolate.
    -Friends will often make sure there is something that you can have if they invite you over, and are less likly to push a piece of cake or biscuit on you.

  • If you go to meetings to be weighed.
    STAY for the meeting, I don't understand how people can pay to get weighed and then leave the meeting. It just doesn't make sence to me. You've paid anyway, you may as well stay. It's a great way to share and brag about things you're proud of, or if you're having "issues" it's a great place to get support, afterall everyone there is in the same boat as you, a different stages of the program, but everyone is in the same boat! I've made some fabulous friends at meetings!

  • Use the WW website
    There is a wealth of information on it as well as recipes and hints and tips. Use the community message boards. I like to think of it as my daily meeting. Any time, day or night I can log on and get or offer advice or encouragement. Motivating others is great motivation.

  • Success breeds success.
    Think about how you feel when you achieve your goals, whether they be major or minor. Man I could be a rich woman if I could bottle that feeling! Remember it, it will help you through the harder times, and there will be harder times! You may be 1/2 way to goal or you may be able to do up those jeans you haven't been able to wear since the kids were born. Celebrate them with non food rewards. A book, a magazine, a massage, a manicure, a bubble bath, a hair cut and/or colour or new clothes, it doesn't have to cost alot either. I've recently discovered op shopping! Great clothes = not much $$ it is the luck of the draw though. I was also told at our meetings that you can ring TAFE and offer yourself as a human guinea pig for people needing to practice manicures, pedicure, massage, waxing, haircuts - ok maybe I'm not THAT brave but still it is a great idea, that won't cost you alot, and you are helping someone else in the process.

  • Measure your success
    We've all been there, you have done absolutely EVERYTHING right you have been a perfect WWer all week, did all your exercise, drank all your water, got in all your serves of fruit and vege, you're expecting a kg + loss and you get 0.1 or the scale doesn't move. I know only too well how frustrating it is! How long has it been since you've taken your measurements? Are your clothes feeling loose? Does the towel go all the way round you now?

  • If you have a slip up
    Don't beat yourself up over it. It's over, move on! You will only truly fail at this if you give up and don't stick to the plan/s. If you just don't stop you will eventually achieve your goals.
  • Follow the plan
    Whether it be core or points, do it properly! Track! Track! Track! If you "cheat" you're only cheating yourself!

So there you are. I hope it helps someone out there in cyberland!


Skinny2008 said...

Hi Shaz,

You may know me as Skinny2008 on the WW online message boards, but my name is Judi. You have been a big inspiration for me and I regularly read your blog for motivation throughout each week. I have been with WW since Oct 2007 and have lost 8kg. This is about the third time I have tried WW (online and by myself) but this time I adopted these very same techniques you are talking about and have had much success. I told as many people as possible about my weight loss, and have developed a blog too for my friends and family overseas. I look at the WW website for motivation and go on the community boards. But you have inspired me the most by how much you have lost, your determination and openness, your knowledge and support you give everyone. I just thought you should know how much you have done for other people by sharing your journey. Thank you, you have done so well and I can't wait for you reach your goal weight. All the best! Judi


Lou™ said...

I <3 you Shaz!