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Wednesday, 30 April 2008


I gained 0.8kg this week. I did everything I do in a normal week except I found it hard to drink my water as it has been so cold, so I "think" my body is holding on to it as it thinks there is a drought! I also had lunch with a dear friend today who was also a WW leader (Hi T) and after talking to her I'm thinking maybe I also didn't eat enough last week (isn't it funny I give people this advice as a weigher, yet I didn't pick up on it until I was telling someone else) .. So this week I will make myself drink water and keep a close eye on what I'm eating to make sure I'm eating enough!
I'm positive it will come off just as quick as it came on, and on another positive note, I've gone down to the next hole in my belt so it's all good. :)


teamcore said...

Hello Shaz - I' sure that weight will come off. I got to goal on "No Count" in 2006 and that year it took me over 20 weeks to lose 9 kgs (last part of a very long weight loss journey from 119 kgs) I had weeks of 100gm + 200gm gains and losses then suddenly 1.3 kgs "fell off" and I was over the line. The body doesn't part with these last kilos lightly.
I look forward to hearing that you are back to a "loss" next week.

CactusFreek said...

Hi :o)
The water is a shocker isn't it! It's hard in the colder months, because there's no pay off with drinking it [IE it doesn't cool us down]
How about drinking warm cups of water? :o)