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Thursday, 5 June 2008

I seem to be maintaining nicely!

Too bad I'm not trying to, I stayed the same this week, after 2 weeks of losing 0.2kg.. I guess I've hit another plateau so I'm pointing core this week to ensure I'm eating enough as this was a concern of some of the people that I was talking to from my meeting last Wednesday. So far I seem to be as I only have 18 points to play with. So I guess we will see what happens next week! If it doesn't but I may have to return to points for a week or 2, but I really would prefer to stay on core or at least Coints (Thanks Ek for the word! lol) for as long as I can, as I truely believe that long term it is what will keep me at goal.

Can I just say a huge thank you to everyone who reads my blog regularly. Knowing that you are reading helps to keep me on the straight and narrow. I know some of you don't comment online and that's ok (Hi J) because you tell me anyway! :) So thank you again everyone, your support means alot to me.

I'm often asked how I stay so positive, it's simple maths really, no it is.. I only want to lose the weight once, I don't want to lose the same kilos 2, 3, 4 or 5 times.. I CAN'T go back to what I was, I won't allow myself to.

Be the person you want to be, and live the life you want to live!


lisa said...

Hi Shaz

I often look at your blog.......I find it VERY inspiring. Thanks heaps for sharing your story.

You have done so well & I can only imagine how life changing loosing all the weight has been to your life & your families.

I've got plenty of weight left to loose but I realise now that I can do it like others have.

Thanks again
Lisa (Lisaj130)

Kerri said...

Ha Ha! Must say I'm one of your 'silent' supporters Shaz! I always check your blog to see how your weigh-in went. You are such an inspiration! Good luck 'Cointing'! ;)

Kerri :)

Carlton said...

I've only recently discovered your Blog and I am so inspired to see what you have achieved and that you have never given up. You also inspire me to keep going no matter what. Thanks for that and its also been great chatting to you this week via the ww chat boards.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaz,

I too am one of your silent readers! You are my weigher at my Sat morning meetings, and i always find your blog so inspiring.

When i need some motivation i jump online to the message boards and several of the blogs to keep me going!

Knowing that others are going through the same ups and downs as me is a huge comfort.

You are looking so good, keep up the fantastic work.

Jess :)

Anonymous said...

I am truely inspired by reading your blog Sharon. I read it every few days to see if there is anything else. I read your recipes, look at the photos and read your encouraging words. Thanks for sharing your life with all who read it.
Your friend,