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Sunday, 1 June 2008


I forgot to blog!

Loss this week of -0.2kg again.. slow and steady wins the race! Although slightly frustrating, I know every little bit counts and I will eventually get to goal, and more importantly stay there because I love the way I feel, I love the way I look, I love not feeling embarressed about my size!

Before the meeting I work at on Monday I popped into the Op Shop attached to the church looking for a new pair of Jeans. Well I found some they are Blue Ridge brand so just from Big W BUT they are a size 8 yes that's right! I own a pair of size 8 jeans! If that wasn't good enough, they cost me $2! I bought them with the loose change in my purse! I'm not completely delusional though, I know I'm not size 8 everything else I try is either a 12 or 10, but that's not the point! lol. Continuing with the Op Shop theme I decided it was time for my first ever pair of Levis! I found the perfect pair at another Op Shop(except the will need taking up) they are still a bit firm and so I have a muffin top when I wear them so stay tuned for when they actully fit and I can wear them, it should only take a few weeks! They cost me $6.75 and still have the sticky tape down the leg that tells you the size and length! They haven't even been worn! Do you think I'm hooked on op shopping yet?

I've been really busy this week with "house stuff" The ground has been built up, the foundations were dug and cemented, so things are happening and hopefully will happen even more quickly next week. Our builder is teasing me by asking to start packing up the kitchen, I'm trying not to get too excited... yet!

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Carlton said...

Congratulations on your success so far. You are doing so well. Congratulations on your purchases and op shopping.