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Thursday, 12 April 2007

There is no IF.

Loss this week 0.7kgs. Which is exactly the kind of loss I'm aiming for. Current loss is 23.5kgs. So I'm happy. :)

I was wondering yesterday morning what to wear when I remembered a skirt I had before I moved to Adelaide - 6 years ago, (to be honest I hadn't worn it allot because it never really fit properly) but it was really pretty so I hoped that it had somehow survived the numerous wardrobe "chuck-outs" that I've had in that time. Good news, it survived and even better, it fit! But best of all it looked great!

I was chatting to a friend on MSN the other night saying "When I get to goal..." and she interrupted me. She said "This whole time you have been doing WW you have never said if, it has always been when." I replied, "There is no IF, IF is not an option!"

I have no doubt, I will get to goal.

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