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Tuesday, 24 April 2007


CORE does work! -1.8kgs for me this week and a total loss so far of 25.3kgs. (That sounds allot written down, eh?) WOW!

I had to weigh Tuesday this week due to ANZAC day.

I remember my first meeting, someone said that day that she had lost 25kg so far, I thought OMG that is so far away.... but that is me now. It's just amazing. Can someone please tell me why I didn't start Weight Watchers sooner????

Updated pics added, and I even included a "TBL" Style pic... cos I can!! :)
The jeans in the photo are a size 24.. I'm currently fitting 18 and squeezing into a 16 (ok they are pretty tight, so we'll give it a couple of weeks) !! Woohoo I'll be able to shop in "normal size" shops soon!


Anne said...

Hey shaz..

Very glam pic on your blog here!! You are doing extremely well and your attitude will get you to goal.


osmund said...

Wow what a fantastic loss! Congratulations!

You should be so proud of yourself. It is incredible how big those pants are on you now!!

marnie said...

YAY Shaz - looking fantastic hun :D very proud of ya - keep up the great work :D

Wendy :) said...

Shaz, you are looking AMAZING!! I havent seen you in a few weeks, but those new pics are great!! You should be so proud of how well you have done.

Hopefully soon I can get motivated to get going!!