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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

52 weeks ago

I started WW, and wow what a ride!

I was secretly hoping to lose 1.6kgs this week to bring my total for the year to 40kgs, and although I didn't happen I'm more than happy with my results. I did lose 1.1kgs which makes a grand total of 39.5kgs in 1 year :).

I'm more confident. I like the way I look. I'm proud of myself. I know everyone who loses weight says "If I can do it, anyone can do it" but it is so true, there is nothing stopping anyone from losing weight if they want to, except themselves.

I will post some updated pics soon.


missmegan1974 said...

Congratulations Sharon, what a fantastic achievement!! I had a look at your photos and you look amazing!!

Lorri said...

Hi Shaz,
I have just rejoined WW Online and have a very loooooonnnnggg way to go yet. BUT, I have to say that you have given me inspiration and the strength to believe in myself. I read your blog and your story and I only hope that I can amount to half of what you have become now. I hope I can continue to feel as positive down the tracks as you have and I look forward to hopefully seeing the results in my first weigh-in this Friday. I know this though, each time a thought comes through my head about how "hard" it is, I will be reading your blog (and probably sending you a comment too!!).
THANK YOU for taking the time for people like me with your fantastic journey. I too hope I can join you in reaching half way and over, and then GOAL! You look absolutely amazing! Well done! Cheers, Lorri (sienna66 on WW Online)

marie2mil said...

So Great to see your Shrinking woman pics and stats. Well done, look forward to reading more of your journey. Looking fab.
From another Adelaide gal.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaz,
I find myself checking out the Message Board online each day just to see what advice you have offered. You are an inspiration. Keep up the good work.
Tricia (TriciaR on WW Online)