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Saturday, 1 September 2007

Happy Birthday Daniel!

Here is the cake! It ONLY took me 5 hours to decorate it, but I was happy with how it turned out! Daniel had a great day :) He was very spoilt with lots of fantastic pressies!

Food wise for me was ok, I did have some cake, some (lite) cheese and rice crackers (which weren't core) but it could have been allot worse, so I'm proud of myself.


Werribeetracyk from the WW's Boards said...

HOW AWESOME SHAZ!!!!!!! Looks amazing!!!!!!

I'm embarrassed to say that I have never tried making a themed birthday cake for my kids, but I really should try one day. I just need the time, patience and nobody bugging me while doing it (don't like my chances, lol). But would probably end up wrecking it while TRYING to get it perfect as I'm such a perfectionist.

But seriously girl, your a star. Daniel is one lucky boy to have a mum like you. Have you ever thought of getting into cooking as a career. It seems to come naturally for you, and your so inventive with your own meals. We could have a famous chef in the making, lol!!!!

I bet Daniel had an awesome day. Wish him a Happy 3rd Birthday from all of us, especially my little man Declan who will also be turning 3 on 3rd Dec.

All the best.


Ange said...

That's a great looking cake! I bet your son loved it.