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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

I gained 0.1kg :(

I gained 0.1kg this week. I know not the end of the world but a bit disappointing none the less. I've increased my walks this week. I now go out most mornings by 6 and I'm back by the time Daniel wakes about 7.30. (Don't worry, Brad is here, Daniel just has to wake him if he's up too early and I'm still walking.) I've stuck to core 100% most days only using 10 of my weekly allowance points, I'm still drinking heaps but, I seem to be a bit constipated and I feel really bloated. :( So I'm attributing the gain to that. Needless to say I'll be upping the fibre this week to see if I can get things "moving" lol.

1 comment:

~*Dana*~ said...

Hi Shaz,

Sorry to hear about your gain :o( Just a tip on the fibre, if you are at all constipated on weigh in day I find it doesn't help the scales IYKWIM? LOL I'm ahaving the same problem at the moment and have just introduced Metamucil and prunes into my day. Perhaps you could give it a go?

Good luck for next week! :o)