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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

I still lost..

0.6 this week, even with the lead up to Daniel's party, and Father's day I still managed a great loss. I know I didn't get to do as much exercise as I would have liked to either, so I'm very happy! I was actually saying to Jen (hi Jen) at last week's meeting that I'd be happy to stay the same this week, so a loss of 0.6kg is brilliant!

Sometimes we say things to people and we don't really know how it affects them. A few weeks ago I was chatting to an older lady "M" at our meeting (I chat to her quite often) who was feeling a bit bummed about WW and how it was taking so long for her. This week she got to her 10kg loss YAY and when our leader asked what has made the difference in her journey she said "Sharon". I didn't know, but the week that we had chatted she was ready to give up and throw the towel in but I pointed out to her that she had in fact achieved something, that week she had gone into double digits, she was under 100kg and she hadn't been that weight in a long time! It gave her the boost she needed to keep going. It made me feel really good to be acknowledged in that way too. :)


JB. said...

Hi Shaz!! I just discovered your blog and love it and you!! You have really inspired me on my own wt loss crusade. Congrats on your wt loss this week. I am starting wk 2 and have swapped to CORE. I also joined the local Boot Camp group and hope to be under 90kg by Oct 1st!!! Cant wait for you to see under 80!!! You have made my week. Heartfelt thanks, JB.

~*Dana*~ said...

Well done Shaz! It's great when you have a loss when you think you won't :o) You've been an inspiration to me for a long time, even though I've always fallen off the wagon. I'm heading into week 5 on WW and still going strong YAY! I look at your before and after pics and am amazed at the difference, I bet you feel fantastic!

Mim said...

That's a great story about how the little things we say can mean so much to people, how wonderful that you were there with the just right words to make such a difference to "M", good on you :)