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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Not the best week.

And I know it could have been alot worse but I gained 0.3kg this week. I know exactly what I did and what I have to do this week to fix it!

I did not get out for as many walks as I usually do. I didn't wear my pedometer every day (which does make me move more!). I didn't drink enough water every day, some days I "forgot", I still don't understand how somedays I easily drink 3L+ and other days I forget to drink! I also seemed to use more weekly allowance points on sugar than usual.

So I'm starting with renewed enthusiasm this week!! I will drink my water EVERY day. I will get out for my walk at least 4 times this week, and I will wear my pedometer EVERY !DAY


Jools Journey said...

Hang in there Shazzy, we all know you will conquer these ups & downs, I guess it's getting harder as you dont have alot to loose now...

Remember how far you have come, not that you need me to give advice- LOL!

down hill all the way!

(yummymum2b from the WW boards)

Blogger K L said...

Hear hear - and it didn't take you out of the 60s - you're still a 60s girl and I'm sure you'll lose next weigh in.

You're my inspiration.